The Last Domino? Tour: a Blu-Ray will NOT happen

  • I would say the stage and screens were incredible and vastly different from the 2007 shows.

    Phils voice aside and some lyric mistakes, I'm certain they could have recorded the show and especially the very last one or 3 in London.

    Maybe it was a decision due to covid issues, maybe for quality or cost, but definitely odd not to record the last ever shows of such a huge group.

    Thankfully there is footage.

    I only recorded small clips or certain songs myself but the sound on my videos is exactly how it was in the arena, so I'm very grateful for that.

  • I think not recording the London shows is the final act in their disregard of fans' wishes over a long period. It was a tour of arenas rather than the stadia of the 2007 tour, and there would have been many people who couldn't attend but nonetheless would buy a recording.

    Clearly, Phil was struggling and his voice is not what it was, but the tour was the final act in the band's long history. They put out Sum Of The Parts on blu ray when nobody would have asked for it, yet they are not bothering with their swansong, I don't get it.

  • It absolutely is their decision, as is the set list. They went out on their terms and can only be applauded for it.

    What Tony Banks said on Radio Rich Pickings, was that in a year or two (ie after the dust settles) they may revisit the idea of a live album or DVD/BD release. For now, I would imagine they're all wanting to take a rest and a break from Genesis.