Food and Drink

  • I had a lovely salad lunch this gorgeous sunny day: grated carrot, toasted mixed seeds, chopped cucumber, diced red onion, quartered medium-boiled egg, slow-roasted tomato, torn dry back olives, olive oil/lemon juice dressing, a few teaspoons of Mrs B's beetroot hummus dotted around. Normally I can't stand beetroot but it's not too overpowering in this.

    Abandon all reason

  • Fiery, molten vindaloo night. So looking forward to it. And I've just discovered beer from some German brewery that is phenomenal. First time I've tried a new beer (new to me; the beer has been made since the 14th century apparently) that I've thought was really delicious. The brewery is called Schlenkerla, they're in Bavaria. I had a lager and a rauchbier. Might be some new favorites.

  • A nice lunch today: orzo cooked and allowed to cool, mixed with finely chopped red onion, sundried tomato, torn dry back olives, feta, diced gherkin, lemon juice and zest, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Very easy to make and very tasty.

    Abandon all reason

  • Thursday night - cooking time: cauliflower ragu pasta.

    Very easy to make: essentially, follow the same procedure as to a traditional ragu but grind the cauliflower and use it instead of ground beef. Lighter alternative but still very tasty. Added some cumin, ginger, all spice and a little ground chili to give it a bit of a twist.

    Paired it with a lovely dry riesling.

    Successful night.