Songs I'm Afraid to Admit I Don't Like

  • I missed this thread, seeing as it preceded my joining the board.

    I'm afraid to admit I'm not a huge fan of Cinema Show. I don't dislike it, but in terms of their epic songs (?8 minutes plus if you want), it is way down the pecking order for me. I just find it a bit bland and noodly, compared to Giant Hogweed for example, or Ripples which I find more atmospheric.

    Edit: it's not really Cinema Show's fault, but I can never seem to hum it in my head without transitioning smoothly into Can Utility and the Coastliners. It happens just after the line "more earth than seeeeeeaa...". The e-bow bit from Can-Utility (I'm sure it's not an actual e-bow in 1972, it's at 1:45) just before the heavy bass pedals pops into my head instead and the track plays out. It would have made a nice medley actually.

  • I saw this thread yesterday and since, I've kept trying to find a Genesis song that I really don't like... but I can't find any.

    Everything between 1970 and 1980 is top notch for me.

    Of course, there are songs that I like less than others : for example between Alone Tonight and Who Dunnit, I would choose the first. Even then, I still kind of like Who Dunnit... and if I didn't like it, I don't think it would be one of those songs you would be afraid to admit you don't like.

    I think the album that contains most of the songs I would skip is CAS. Something like Small Talk for example.

    But I think the main reason would be the sounds used in it, not the song itself if it makes any sense. Small Talk with different sounds and arrangement would be better than it actually is.

  • Actually, the opposite would have been the case in the past, I've never had any problem in voicing my dislike for any song but there were times I was trying to be blase' about songs I actually liked, FYFM would be the perfect example.

  • Ok this is less of a "I don't like it" and more of a "I don't really understand the fuss" song. I suppose I could start a whole "I don't really understand the fuss" thread, but I thought I'd stick it here instead :)

    In the Cage. There I've said it.

    I'm well aware of its place in Genesis live mythology. And I like it well enough, especially the keyboard solo and the "outside the cage" section.

    But I reckon it's my 5th favourite track on side 1 of The Lamb! I prefer it to Grand Parade, but that's it.

    I know it turned into a bit of a live epic, but even then I always enjoyed the Cinema Show section more.

    So there. Cancel my Genesis fan membership if you like ^^