Wildlife - 2023 Reissue

  • Another superb Esoteric reissue landed yesterday. I can't honestly say I hear much difference in the remastered CD1 compared with my original version of Wildlife.

    But CD2 of unreleased material from Ant's archive - once again unearthed by Jonathan Dann - is worth the entry price alone. Well worth acquiring.

    "Wonderful stuff!" © Alan Partridge

  • Physical release has been postponed on mainland Europe (10 Feb)

    Nevertheless we are updating our Recording Compendium accordingly





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  • Maybe I was the only person to buy it? :)

    Just to reiterate, there is some wonderful previously unreleased music on CD2. Appalachian Heights is one of those short, simple, yet beautiful melodies that you can't believe wasn't already written by somebody like Mozart 250 years ago.

  • I bought it! Have only played it a couple of times as background music. I did prefer the second disc but needs a bit of time to sink in as there is a lot of it!

    Haven't really found the time to listen to this carefully. Will do!

    ... make tomorrow today!