STEVE HACKETT - European Tour 2019

  • Wahaay! You finally made it on board. :)

    But to answer your question, no, not me, sorry!

    Thanks - it’s been a long, long time... hasn’t it? ;)

    Anyway, there are still some seats in the side stalls on sale so I’m tempted to get a couple; that leaves 13 months to find someone who wants to come!

  • Not all, I made my peace with it long ago I guess when it happened. I guess was still in that fan- phase when your idols can do no wrong either artistically, or personally but he sort of lost me with how he handled, that reunion thing, the meeting in Scotland and subsequent not very clever remarks. Not because he didn't go with the flow and abided by what fans expected from him but because he was being incoherent and quite high-handed.

    Then there was the Live 8 thing where again he was imo simply cantankerous.

    I don't judge Steve for wanting to lure more people and milk Genesis for that purpose, fans enjoy it and why shouldn't they? I just think we could avoid the : ''keeping the flame alive'' and such sort of comments. This is a group he left because he wasn't given much space and his contribution was heavily underappreciated and undermined. He had to fight to squeeze in some guitar parts and then not to be buried in the final mix. I cannot know for sure but I have the feeling if he could avoid playing that, he'd do it.

  • On the recent Hackett tour, the Genesis stuff was the Genesis stuff but with his guitar more forward in the mix, I guess more how he would have liked it to have been recorded initially. So maybe he actually does enjoy playing the Genesis stuff his way. He certainly appears to on stage. And he made a big thing about his desire to play his favorite Genesis album, SIBTP, in its entirety alongside Spectral Mornings.

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