"She'll Be Waiting": I never realized...

  • ...that this song was first released on THE MEADOWS OF ENGLEWOOD (with Guillermo Cazenave), before appearing on PP&P IX: DRAGONFLY DREAMS.

    I always assumed that the "live" MEADOWS performance followed the release of the studio version on DRAGONFLY, as would be typical for a "live" version. Only recently did it occur to me that MEADOWS was actually released before DRAGONFLY.

    And now you know!

    The Seat Bunny!

  • Don't have "Meadows". Is this version different from Dragonfly Dreams?

    Well, yes, MEADOWS is probably high on the list of Ant albums that Ant fans are unlikely to have!

    Anyway, the DRAGONFLY version is a studio recording, while the version on MEADOWS is "live" in the studio with Guillermo Cazenave backing Ant up. A further version on LIVE RADIO SESSIONS (also with Cazenave, two years later) is also "live" in the studio. But there is no significant difference between any of the performances of the song.

    Confusingly, in the "interview" portion of LIVE RADIO SESSIONS, Ant talks about "Waiting" as if the studio version had, in fact, been released first.

    On another note, it's interesting to note the differences between MEADOWS & LIVE RADIO SESSIONS, because parts of the latter appear to be attempts at recreating parts the former.

    * "Lucy: An Illusion" and "She'll Be Waiting" are performed, in similar versions, on both albums.

    * "The Circle" (by Cazenave) appears in a 4-minute version on MEADOWS, and in a 7-minute version on LIVE.

    * The improvised "Peggy in the Skies Without Diamonds" from MEADOWS is recreated on LIVE as "Peggy in the Skies...".

    * The improvised "The Agent Mulder Never Resolves a Single Case" from MEADOWS is more or less recreated on LIVE as "The Return of the Agent Mulder."

    * Most strangely, the title "Sortilege" is used for one improvised tune on MEADOWS and a different one (similar in mood and tempo, but otherwise not the same tune at all) on LIVE.

    The Seat Bunny!

  • You never know, after all Dragonfly Dreams was one of the PP&P releases that collected or included older material, so there's a chance its version of She'll Be Waiting had been recorded without release before the recording for Meadows. I just looked up the booklet of Dragonfly Dreams and the note to She'll Be Waiting says just "Composed & recorded in '95". Ant's discography can be confusing at times...

    Does anyone know what "sadly departed" person the song is about? I've been wondering for a long time.

  • Does anyone know what "sadly departed" person the song is about? I've been wondering for a long time.

    I personally don't know, and I doubt that Ant has ever revealed that information publicly... probably to protect the privacy of those left behind.

    The Seat Bunny!

  • She'll be waiting is a nice little acoustic track. It's one of those tracks where I wonder how they would sound with a full band. I think Ant has many great tracks that could be "more"

    some are wise ... and some otherwise