PHIL COLLINS ...But Seriously 30th Anniversary Edition vinyl

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    How much did you pay? its more than 30€ here in Germany which I think is too much

  • £81.68 😞 i bought 2 by accident I paid for tracked mail never got a tracking number. So my experienced sucked buying from them. But at least i have a couple copies i haven't even opened it to see if the lithographs are in it.

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    oh okay .... well, I have never been a great fan of Vinyl, which is probably not that bad considering my bank account ;)

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    Changed the title of the thread from “...but seriously 30th” to “PHIL COLLINS ...But Seriously 30th Anniversary Edition vinyl”.
  • This album was my favorite album of him and Another Day in paradise was my favorite song of him. I heard this song the first time, because my mom listen all the time the compilation ...Hits. This song was apart of the rest of the ...But Seriously album. The opening of the track was very strange, dark and mysterious, a strange and also perfect choice to opening a song. After the song start, this song started and this song explore differents ambiance during this song. He included also many styles in the song, like pop, ballad, RnB and rock. The sound of the song was very dark and her voice was very moody (help with the harmonys of David Crosby). Her drumming during the last middle of the song remain more to her In the Air Tonight single. In fact, her most darker and her most original song of this album. The text of this song, like many songs of the album was political. But he not abandonned her love songs in this album (Do You Remember, Something Happening of the Way of Heaven and Find a Way to My Heart).

    This album was most varied album (aside of Face Value), this album was a pop rock album,but also included many styles including hard Rock (Colours), Dance-pop (Hang is Long Enough), RnB (All of My Life), soul (Find a Way to My Heart, Hang is Long Enough), jazz (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning), soft-rock (That's Just the Way it Is, Do You Remember) and Blues/Gospel (I Wish It Would Rain Down). A variety hugely welcome here with Face Value (the two albums was her most varied albums of her career). And also the presence of Eric Clapton of her song I Wish It Would Rain Down in guitar add a touch of Blues of this song, i heard the Clapton touch of this song.

    And also, the album included two of her most personals songs of her career. All of My Life was a RnB/Jazz ballad about her lost of her father and Father to Son was a pop ballad (almost a lullaby) and a declaration of love to her son Simon.

    My favorite album of him (Both Sides and Face Value was just behind him)