Anyone still collecting recordings?

  • If anyone is interested, on the Movement site, version 3 of the soundboard/audience matrix of the penultimate Genesis show from the Wind And Wuthering tour is now available.

    There are a few top quality bootlegs from this tour available but this show must surely rank alongside the very best of the Genesis bootlegs. Not much I can say about the recording, really; the performance speaks for itself.

    Is that Zurich?

  • Yes it is. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. This new version was made by one of the Digital Brothers but is not classed as a Digital Brothers release. It's an upgrade to the previous matrix version that was released a few years back.

    Very cool. I'll have to check it out. It's my favourite performance from that tour as well.

  • Ok, I'm really rusty here. I registered with the Movement ages ago, but I haven't collected any new recordings for several years. I have Zurich Revisited but it sounds like the new one is an upgrade.

    Is the Movement just a list of the known recordings, or are recordings available via the site?

    Sorry for the noob question

  • Ok, I'm really rusty here.

    Hello Rusty.

    Yes, the new Zurich bootleg is definitely an upgrade. The Movement site has a Live Database listing all the known bootlegs of not just Genesis but also Phil, Peter and Mike And The Mechanics. It's always worth checking the list out because you can see how the sound quality has been rated. The torrents which you can download are listed in the Interactive section. As long as you have a torrent client (such as BitTorrent) and a means to decode the torrent (like Trader's Little Helper) you're good to go.

    Any problems, give me a shout.

  • Ah, thanks, that's really helped. As I suspected, I was looking in the wrong place!

    Apparently I am not connectable for some reason, (Norton Anti Virus maybe) so I have to sort that first.

    But thanks for your help, I'm getting there!

  • Getting excited for my first Genesis show in Chicago this November. I'm a fan since 1975. I was wondering of any suggestions for more recent official live or bootleg concerts to get ahold of and where to find them. Thanks in advance.

  • If you're looking for live recordings from the most recent tour which was 2007, there are several options available.

    The official release Live Over Europe which you can get through Amazon or your favourite CD or record supplier.

    There's still at least half-a-dozen Encore Series recordings available from that last tour.[]=Genesis

    And then for bootlegs, if you're into torrents, the closest to a complete source would be The Movement site.

  • I got the Helsinki 07 artwork downloaded from the torrent site, but I can't see a link for actual music files.

    Does this mean it's not linked anymore?

    I just had a peak on the Movement site.

    It looks like there's only three recordings being seeded right now:

    • Helsinki 10-06-07 (portions of a rehearsal, plus interview);

    • an FM recording (partial show) from Stuttgart 28-06-2007; and

    • a complete audience recording from Paris, 30-06-07.

    In case you're wondering, the soundboards from each show was sold through the Encore Series so you won't find any of those on the Movement site.

  • Yikes. I admit I haven't looked at it in quite a while, but that number seems extremely low. Like maybe a year ago I went on and there were dozens of shows. Sure some with one seeder maybe. If I left them overnight I'd have the show the next day, and would have been uploading them too for most of that time.

    Hope it stays alive. But even more, it would be terrific if the band released some of the (apparent) trove of live stuff they have in the vault.

  • Yikes. I admit I haven't looked at it in quite a while, but that number seems extremely low. Like maybe a year ago I went on and there were dozens of shows...

    Sorry, I think I left you with the wrong impression.

    There was well over 500 shows (Genesis and related) being seeded when I checked.

    But when I did a search just on that one tour ( Genesis 2007), I found only three shows being seeded at that particular moment.

    That is an unusually low number but I suspect that is due to the fact the soundboards from all of those shows were made available through the Encore Series so I don't imagine there's a huge demand for alternative recordings.

  • at the "Farm" Theres lots of 76/77 board tapes....i would like to get a few more "Lamb" OAM/SDB recordings..there a multitrack recording from the UK "lamb" tour....and the guy who copy the tapes of Milton keynes rehearsals H Odeon 82... could have the Milton Keynes show from the desk its not multitrack recording ,the show was recording in 2 C90 tapes

    Wind & Wuthering was my least listened to Genesis album and now I feel I wasted years by not listening to it.

    I did talk to Nick Davis when the box sets were starting to come out and asked him if there were any recordings of Eleventh Earl of Mar from Seconds Out recording. I just wanted a version as good. I have many recordings but, they just don't have the "warm" of Seconds Out.

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    I got a copy of a Lamb show from January ‘75 in West Palm Beach, FL. Some of it sounds really good, other parts sound crappy and like it cuts out. Don’t know if that was the band working out kinks early on in the tour or the recording itself. I’d like to collect more.

  • So, I was looking at Live Over Europe, but are there other Encore series or boots that are better in sound quality and setlist?

    They played the same set every night, so all of the Encore Series recordings are the same as Live Over Europe. I think the only difference was one of the nights in LA, when they had to cut a couple songs due to the weather. Otherwise, it was the same set every night.

    For my ears, I'd say LOE sounds a little better; it's more produced, and a little fuller sounding. The Encore Series still sounds great, but maybe a little thinner. I have a couple of the ES, mostly because I wanted a recording from one or two of the shows I was at. But personally, I never felt a need to get ES recordings from other shows that tour. I also have boots from two of the shows I was at, that I never listen to.

    If the set list ever changed during the tour, or if the official release was missing tracks (like all of their previous live releases), then maybe it's different. But LOE is the full show, with tracks selected from different nights on the tour, probably because they thought they were the best versions. And Nick did a great job putting it together.

    For my 2 cents (and this is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt), I'd go with LOE. The Encore Series is great, if you're a completest, want a specific show for personal reasons, or want to listen to each show to find the small changes or mistakes (I'm looking at you Chester in The Cage in Toronto, and you {did we decide it was Tony?} in Firth of Fifth in Rome) they occasionally made. But again, that's just me.

  • Thanks, it helps a lot. Still looking at Chicago and my first show!

  • I got a copy of a Lamb show from January ‘75 in West Palm Beach, FL. Some of it sounds really good, other parts sound crappy and like it cuts out. Don’t know if that was the band working out kinks early on in the tour or the recording itself. I’d like to collect more.

    One of my favorite bootlegs of the Lamb shows is January '75 in Lakeland, FL. I have 2 different copies one version by GASP and the other by PRRPGS. I think I have around 40 different Lamb shows on CD.

    Prior to jumping onto the forum I went for a walk and I happened to put on The Lamb fro the Genesis Archives, which most people hate because of the overdubs , which I don't mind

    I haven't listen to it is so long but when it started it took me back to when I was 16 and a neighbor of mine gave me a cassette to listen to. I immediately lost my shit, I had now idea what i was listening too. I told her I was going to see PC the next night, which happened to be the No Jacket Required Tour. She said she was a Genesis fan for years and she knew Chester Thompson from church when she lived in LA.

    About an hour later she stopped by and said she was able to get hold of Chester and has 4 tickets for that night's show. Brilliant show and after we were invited backstage, PC was feeling sick and left early, but did get to meet everyone else.

    The next night PC came out, sang I Don't Care Anymore, and he announced that he couldn't carry on anymore and had to end the show. Everyone is still waiting for that make up show.

    Wow, that was a tangent.