No Jacket Required comes in orange vinyl

  • Phil Collins' (probably) most successful solo album, No Jacket Required, will be re-issued on orange vinyl in the frame of this year's Nation Album Day.

    More Info:…e-vinyl-edition-n683.html

  • I used to love bootlegs in the 70s. Many were colored vinyl. I had Bowie 'Live at the Long Beach Arena' in 1972 on red vinyl. Couldn't wait for the weekend swap meet to check out what was available. I have a Dark Side Of The Moon picture disc that sounds amazing. I'm a fan of colored vinyl.

  • I don't see the harm in it. I prefer black vinyl, but probably as I've been programmed to think that colored vinyl sounds worse. I don't believe that's really true anymore. I picked up the cure picture vinyls on the record store day recently and the guy at the store, who is incredibly knowledgeable* told me how they were marketed in the late 70s with a label that said "audio may not be of comparable quality", but that the manufacturing makes the difference negligible now.

    *seriously, I walked in to this vinyl store cold first time and after I spent a long time gathering a bundle of second hand vinyl including some Genesis albums he raised an eyebrow and said "ah, a Genesis guy..." and proceeded to appraise some of the records there and then, taking about the mad hatter label and big and small hatters, and pulled up some fan edit of a gabriel era Genesis concert on YouTube that he thought I'd like. As he finished with me another guy walked in and asked about hip hop and the guy started talking about those as if it was his life's passion throwing out names, studios, labels and sessions as well as session musicians as if he'd been there. It's genuinely remarkable.

  • Coloured vinyl makes no difference, but picture discs require a thin clear vinyl layer which is applied over the picture. It limits volume levels (and thus dynamic range, and is easier to damage. Fine for display, but as your "daily driver", I'd tend to avoid them


    Works with chess - Not with life

  • The main reason I don't like coloured vinyl is that it very difficult to see dust , marks etc, so difficult to look after properly. Black shows up everything. ( Should have thought about that before we bought the kitchen!!) . Primarily records are for playing I get the collector thing, I do it myself in a small way but personally I'm not that interested in records because of the colour of vinyl.