Your last gig.

  • Well, now it's Foals. I've done it, in a year and two days, seen my 4 top favorite bands live.

    This experience was a little different, because it's all standing and I paid a little extra for mezzanine tickets. I always thought the premium price tickets were on the floor, closest to the stage and that's generally true. In this venue there are no seats. I debated standing on the floor anyway to be close but decided, having never been above the stage and off-center, to give it a try. Have to say it wasn't bad. But you do miss the tangled, sweaty, thriving sense of being in the crowd where it's most intense.

    Anyway the band were electric. I confess I teared up during Spanish Sahara which shares with Domino the most thrilling live moment for me this year (though I felt most emotional of all during Stand Inside Your Love at the Pumpkins). And amazingly, there was a damn butterfly in the stage lights flittering high above the crowd in the delicate moment before the big denouement during that song. You couldn't script it. Spine tingling.

    Music is beautiful. I love music.