Albums with part but not all of the band pictured

  • What albums can you think of that have one or more members of the band on the cover, but not the whole band?

    Here's what I can think of:

    Chicago, HOT STREETS - 5 of the 8 members are visible on the front. (The rest are visible on the back, along with one of the guys from the front appearing a second time).

    Doobie Brothers, STAMPEDE - 5 of the 6 members are on the front. (The 6th apparently didn't join until after the cover photo was taken).

    Doobie Brothers, TAKIN' IT TO THE STREETS - 1 member of the band is seen, in a closeup of part of his face. (The full photo is in the inside cover.)

    Doors, ABSOLUTELY LIVE - 2 members (out of 4), or just 1 on the CD reissue cover.

    Fleetwood Mac, HEROES ARE HARD TO FIND - 1 member (out of 4)

    Fleetwood Mac, self titled - 2 members (out of 5)

    Fleetwood Mac, RUMOURS - 2 members (out of 5)

    Fleetwood Mac, MIRAGE - 3 members (out of 5)

    Renaissance, ASHES ARE BURNING - 2 members (out of 4). (Other 2 members are pictured on the back.)

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  • Do complilations count? If so, ABC's The Look Of Love only has Martin Fry on the cover. There would be a lot of compilations where only the best known member features e.g. Legend by Bob Marley and the Wailers (in much smaller type). Same with the Doors, Roxy Music, Blondie

    Again, I suppose similar to Bob Marley, if it's 'and the' then the backing band doesn't count, as with Bruce Springsteen & Bob Seger album covers.

    And er... the Dire Straits Live at the BBC album only shows Mr Knopfler. Funny, that. Jethro Tull's Bursting Out only has Ian Anderson on the front. So do live albums count?

    There is one though - The Byrds' Notorious Byrd Brothers has a photo of a horse where David Crosby would have been if he hadn't left.

    Ther are several Jethro Tull albums which only feature Ian Anderson on the front including the live album mentioned above. These include Heavy Horses, Songs From The Wood, War Child, Too Old To Rock & Roll and The Zealot Gene.

    The Rolling Stones' Tattoo You has Jagger on the front & Richards on the back. I don't have the LP so I don't know if the other members were inside the sleeve.

    The Pretenders Last Of The Independents has only Chrissie Hynde on the front and she's the only one on the front of a couple of compilations.

    Rammstein's Sehnsucht had six separate covers featuring solo shots of all six members as does the Made in Germany compilation.

    This is only stuff I have!

  • I can go the other way: An album where all members appear on the front cover, but one of them was photoshopped in.


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  • It certainly isn't a well known fact. Fair enough, but she was marketed as a solo singer.

    I know, but in fact, the other three members bassist Paul Denman, keyboardist Andrew Hale and saxophonist Stuart Mathewman have always appeared in every albums' booklet and every music video.

    What is more, Sade are defined in Wikipedia as a band of which Sade Adu is the singer.

  • Which album is that?

    Octave - The Moody Blues. Mike Pinder was in America, the rest of the band in England for the photoshoot, so they added him later. I have copies of the shoot without Mike.


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  • Genesis - Live (Italy) plus several reissues of FGTR

    Can you show us the "Live (Italy)" cover, and maybe some reissues of FGTR? (You can skip the FGTR one that anachronistically shows Peter in the flower costume!)

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