The Watch - A Prog Journey 1970/1976

  • Rescheduled dates again - Manchester, UK originally 09/04/20 to 01/04/21 now 07/11/21 and back at 'band on the wall' which should be open after its redevelopment. Obviously conditional on the pandemic. Anybody have any info. on the UK Brand X dates?

  • The Watch are definitely worth the watch (pun intended). First time I saw them they played "It's Yourself" (ATOTT b side) into 'Los Endos' still gives me the shivers! They also did a brilliant 'Duke suite' after a set of early Gabriel solo stuff another time. If they come to Manchester I make sure I go to see them.

    I know what you mean about Brand X info, blood and stones come to mind, I'm hoping for a convenient reschedule as may 8 clashed with Nick Mason rescheduled.

    Generally I can cope with shitty beer and smelly bogs, its tw@ts who insist on talking all night that really p1ss me off!

  • Thanks for the update vl1! I know we are living in strange times with the pandemic, but given the 2 sides of the coin regarding the music industry - wanting support to preserve venues and livelihoods versus the lack of information to paying customers, it is all incredibly frustrating. I've got c.1200 quid in tickets hanging for a dozen or so gigs (not counting the 180 quid in fees for those tickets) an example I've got tickets to take my wife to see Jamie Cullum, the date has been moved to October (2nd change of date), I've known this for 3 weeks because I looked for the information, no communication from either Bridgewater Hall, Manchester or Ticketbastard! TBH I will be surprised if any (indoor) gigs happen this calendar year.

  • coming back to The Watch

    saw them twice and they are pretty good! I'm not even a fan of tribute band stuff, but they certainly know how to do it. They also write they own music.


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    A list of tour dates can also be found on our site here:…s-2021-and-2022-s684.html

  • Would like to see that.

    I am mildly curious why the cutoff at ToTT. Usually Trick/Wind are bundled together so I'd expect 1970-1975 or 1970-1977. I wonder why they included one of the four piece albums and not the other.

  • (IMO) I think Simone struggles with the 'Phil' vocals. And iirc (I have seen them several times) I don't recall them playing anything after 'Trick', apart from a solo Gabriel style show (songs from his first 3 albums) and in the second half they played the instrumental 'Duke' suite (no vocals).

  • Just received an email from Ticketline - Manchester venue has changed from botw to 'The Blues Kitchen', again iirc that's the former 'Walkabout' aussie themed bar near the Opera House!? Looks like botw refurb is behind schedule.........

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    We had them once as one of the live acts during the 2009 Steve Hackett Event in Remscheid, Germany. Nice guys, great band - enjoyable for sure.

  • Just back from The Watch in Manchester, they were on fire tonight, chronological set list - encore apart. Looked like a new member playing keys, Los Endos was phenomenal (imo). Check out and for fans of the Gabriel years DO check them out!