Your next gig

  • Next up for me is, er, Peter Gabriel, Thursday in Glasgow. That's if it isn't pulled for being only ⅔ full, of course.

    If its anything like Birmingham last night you may find there could be a last minute rush on tickets. Middle of last week Bham had a few hundred seats left, at least but last night I spotted only a handful.

  • Paul McCartney in October. I saw him in 2017 and didn't expect him to return so soon (I have been waiting for Mark Knopfler since 2005 and for PG since 1994). Also Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets next month, Steve Vai & Devin Townsend in November (as mentioned above) and the Bootleg Beatles for the third time (also November).

  • Finally, FINALLY a Genesis tribute band - The Cinema Show, which bills itself as the Australian Genesis show. This just popped up in my Facebook feed. Their previous Sydney show was too far away from me but I can do this one. They claim they do Gabriel & Collins stuff as well.

  • YES!!!!!! Yes yes yes fucking yes.

    Protomartyr are playing near me in June and I got a ticket.

    IMHO the best kept secret in American rock music today. Fucking love these guys. The lead singer is an insanely well-read, self-effacing rotund guy who drinks beer on stage and somewhat atonally shouts vicious and often insightful lyrics with an inventive guitarist playing angular riffs and a (to my ears) very good drummer driving the whole thing along, going from menacing atmospheric to loud aggression with moments of delicate beauty sprinkled throughout.

    So stoked. It's not for everyone but it's definitely for me!

    Lead track on their most recent album, "Make Way"

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