Tony Smith was in Hamburg to see Steve Hackett ...?

  • A posting from Nad Sylvan appeared on facebook today. Tony Smith was in Hamburg yesterday, while Genesis were playing in Hannover. I think we can assume that he didn't just meed Nad Sylvan, yet it's a bit strange what business he might have discussed with Steve, since Steve is in Canada during the last Genesis show in London.

    Maybe he just wanted to see Steve's show?

    discuss ...

  • Steve's tour starts in Oakville (Toronto) on the 26th. Genesis plays in London on the 24th, 25th and 26th.... That realistically would only leave the 24th open for a special guest appearance (he would have to fly out on the 25th at the latest to be somewhat coherent in Canada the next day). It's therefore not impossible..... OK, you can point the finger at me for starting the discussion lol.

  • They're all going to reunite for the recording of "I Know What I Like 2022". After that they'll pose for the photographers of Madame Tussauds.

  • Fertile material for a conspiracy no doubt. Time will tell!

    Maybe the band will sit in a circle on the 24th, joined by Steve for a rousing acoustic version of Entangled. But likely not.

  • A nice treat would be Steve making an O2 appearance the 24th (before he heads to Canada) and sitting in to do his solo in Firth Of Fifth.

    I doubt it had something to do with the ongoing Genesis tour. Perhaps he just took a chance for a visit ?

  • I doubt it had something to do with the ongoing Genesis tour. Perhaps he just took a chance for a visit ?

    As I said, just fun fodder for discussion :). I did want to address the statements that I saw posted here to the effect that it was impossible since "Steve would be in Canada". That's not quite true, especially for the first Genesis O2 date. Hey, it's nice to have fun, positive thoughts, despite the (probably low) likelihood of them actually reaching fruition. Especially in these times....

  • If in the 0.0001 probability that Steve does make an appearance, I'll remind you lol.

    I'd expect nothing less. I wouldn't need the reminder but would welcome and applaud it anyway.

    I wasn't being particularly oracular, not intentionally anyway - I just like trampling on people's vain optimistic hopes. Hahahahaha!

    Abandon all reason

  • if that happens, we are very happy to praise your post :)

    No need Christian :). I enjoy the discussion on these boards. I'm just one of those crazy people who thinks that if this is Genesis' last hurrah (and it absolutely is), then wouldn't it be nice for 2 key past members to make a brief appearance in one song? It's happened with other bands and it's certainly happened with Genesis also, albeit many decades ago. Enjoy the London shows, for those of you lucky enough to attend. There's a lot of bittersweet emotion associated with this tour, way more than 2007 - probably due to Phil's current health and how we're all getting older. Cheers.