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    ANTHONY PHILLIPS - God If I Saw Her Now
    Year: 1977
    Album: The Geese And The Ghost
    Working title:
    Credits: Phillips
    Lyrics: Yes
    Length: 4:08
    Musicians: Anthony Phillips, Phil Collins, John Hackett, Mike Rutherford, Vivienne McAuliffe
    Played live: never
    Cover versions: The Ant Band (2021)

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    Notes: From Ant's debut album, God If I Saw Her Now also involved Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford. Probably one of Ant's finest ballads - do you agree?




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  • The best thing about this track is the guitar work from Ant & Mike. Phil's vocals are good as well, but when it comes to the female vocals, I feel they fall flat. To me the female singer sounds like she is struggling to hit those notes or maybe it's just her style of singing? Is it safe to say this is Phil's first ever duet?

  • Not the best song on Ant's solo debut but it seems to fit in well with the very medieval feel of the album. I agree that the female vocals are not especially appealing.

    In listening to the lyrics, I can't help but feel that the man in the song is an absolute fool for telling his current lady about his past one. Also, I've long thought (as expressed on the old message board, I think) that "I Saw You Today" (from PP&P II & ARCHIVE COLLECTION II) sounded like it could be a sequel to this song (although I doubt Ant had any such intent).

    Note that there is an early demo version on ARCHIVE COLLECTION I with Ant doing the vocals himself. He sings the girl's part solo, and adds harmonies for the guy's part (as is done with Phil's vocals on the final version).

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  • Ten from me. I agree the female vocals are fine but nothing special. But as mentioned above it fits with the sound of medieval songs, with a couple of minstrels with half decent voices singing after a feast- only joined by two superb string players. I like the sudden ending as well.

  • I always wonder why Ant stopped producing prog/rock records with a real band. There's so much potential.

    Although he possibly has decent income stream from Genesis back catalogue/compilations etc it takes time and resources to put together and maintain a band. Also, maybe at this stage of his career he just prefers working the way he does.

    Abandon all reason

  • I don't like it quite as much as Which Way The Wind Blows, but I do think it's lovely. It has an atmosphere and a feeling I don't think I get from any other music, not even early Genesis. The Geese and the Ghost is often described as Trespass mark 2 but I don't get that at all - it's not without its similarities of course, but Geese is much dreamier and more vulnerable sounding, and doesn't have the darkness or drama of Genesis. I find echoes of that whimsical dreaminess in all of AP's music but Geese is probably his most complete, if somewhat naive musical statement. This song encapsulates it perfectly and I like the untutored and youthful feel of the vocals (from both singers).