What TV shows have you been watching ?

  • That's it, basically. With GoT, you knew the characters and you identified with them, villains included. This, you just don't care. The costumes are nice, though.

  • Most of it?!

    Every time I catch a bit of a LOTR film, and as with the trailer I saw for this, there are people speaking way too slowly and portentously. I'm sure they'd have crammed everything into just 2 films instead of 3 if they'd spoken a bit quicker

    They made fair bit up in LOTR films as well but generally got across most the historical facts. The rings of power though seems to have no relation to what actually happened at all.

  • I watched the first 2 episodes of Inside Man. It's a drama that combines two threads: a Death Row prisoner who has such detailed insight he is permitted to solve cases that are brought to him, and a vicar in England who gets tangled up in a storyline involving porn.

    I had positive expectations partly as I'm a big fan of David Tennant and Stanley Tucci, who play the two lead roles. But having the seen these 2 episodes I won't be taking it any further as it's not very good. I'll be interested in the views of anyone else who's seen any of it.

    Meanwhile I'm 3 episodes into drama Red Rose, about a mysterious phone app that causes problems for anyone who uploads it. I'm finding it compelling so far.

    Abandon all reason

  • Just finished a 3 part mini series called Time(2021)

    With Sean Bean and Stephen Graham. Both gave excellent performances throughout. As with the rest of the cast.

    Really enjoyed it!... :):thumbup:

  • I'm watching Kaleidoscope in Netflix. It's a nifty heist caper told in parts that can - apparently - be watched in any order. Each one has a color attached to it. I've watched three or four, and it's well-acted and written. Rufus Sewell is in it, the guy from Man In The High Castle.

    I'm also watching 1899 but it's too much like Dark to think of it as being so original.