Song titles that mention body parts

  • The Eyes of a Child - Moody Blues

    The Story in Your Eyes - Moody Blues

    Under My Feet - Moody Blues

    It's Cold Outside of Your Heart - Moody Blues

    Cold Hearts, Closed Minds - Nanci Griffith

    The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead - XTC


    Works with chess - Not with life

  • Bit of a MBs overload for my liking but good XTC call and nice body parts collection.

    Hey everyone can we make a whole body from songs? A music Frankenstein creature?

    Abandon all reason

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  • I Want To Hold Your Hand - The Beatles

    The Lip - Louis Prima & Keeley Smith

    Tongue - REM

    God Only Nose - The Beach Boys

    .....okay, scrap that last one.

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  • A Rush Of Blood To The Head - Coldplay

    Good stuff - two in one (if blood counts as a body 'part').

    It'll be interesting to see how many internal organs other than HEART we can find.

    Does Brainiac's Daughter (Dukes of Stratosfear) count?

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  • Please ignore if you feel uncomfortable with the mentioning of certain body parts. I found this sorry effort of a song on an old compilation CD (circa 1995).

    Short dick man - 20 Fingers

    (Yes, it should have been forgotten, I agree)

    ...cried a voice in the crowd.

  • in a similar vein:

    Pussy Power - Iggy Pop

    First we learned to walk on water.

    Then we tried something harder.

    - Red Seven -

  • Born with Teeth - Cock Robin

    Here I stand and Face the Rain - a-Ha

    Skin Flicks - Barclay James Harvest

    Back To the Wall - Barclay James Harvest

    Heart Full of Soul - Box of Frogs

    Let Your Heart Rule Your Head - Brian May

    I had the Love in my Eyes - Chris De Burgh

    The Girl with April in her Eyes - Chris De Burgh

    The Devil's Eye - Chris De Burgh (all on the same album!)

    I only Have Eyes for You - Art Garfunkel

    Bright Eyes - Art Garfunkel (Both UK no. 1 singles for him solo!)

    Tender Hands - Chris De Burgh

    In Meinen Armen - Cosa Rosa

    Toe the Line - GTR

    Your Face - Helen Watson

    Five Fingers - Peter Kingsbery

    The Fundamentals of Brainwashing - Steve Hackett

    No Language in Our Lungs - XTC

    Knuckle Down -XTC


    Works with chess - Not with life