Never seen, been, done

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    Never broken a bone, although I came super close a couple years ago, very nearly broke my hand. Never been admitted overnight to a hospital. Never flown in a hot air balloon, nor gone skydiving. Never smoked—cigarettes or the funny stuff. Never been divorced. And until this coming December, never seen Genesis in concert.

  • I've never been to Western Australia or Tasmania! Does that count?

    Hmmm... not sure. We can probably all say there are parts of our homelands we've never visited. I'm from London but despite being born and raised there and living there for several decades bar a couple of years, there are some of the 32 boroughs I never visited. Very possibly never will. I never did any of the tourist stuff, which I suppose is probably not unusual for anyone living near tourist attractions. In the case of Madam Tussauds the reason I've never visited it, despite it being within very easy reach for many years, isn't so much "would you believe I've never seen it?!" but more a case of total lack of interest. The appeal of paying a ludicrous entrance fee to see facsimiles of celebrities completely escapes me. I mean... WHY??? Can anyone explain it?!

    I've lived in Scotland for nearly 7 years now and even before that I spent a lot of time visiting it, but have still never been to Mull of Kintyre.

    Taking that Beatles-related cue, there are many Beatles solo albums I've never heard.

    Abandon all reason

  • Neither have I, but people here already know that. :(

    I count myself very, very lucky to have seen them. I saw the CAS tour in Ireland, but thought I'd blown my chance to see the classic lineup when I missed the 2007 tour. For a brief period I had tickets to their last ever scheduled show, in Boston a couple years ago. Then they added a second night and other shows got rescheduled because of COVID-19. Regardless it was magical. I wish the universe provided some mechanism for me to experience their shows in 1977 or 1981 or 1983 in person but that can't happen and when I hear of the likes of yourself who never got to see them at all despite being a massive fan I can't help but feel very lucky with what I got. If I could transfer one of my two gigs to you I would! My impression of the last show particularly was that it was like the videos you see online but everything (sound, light, vibe) amped up tenfold. AR goggles are getting very good and I'm interested to see what they might bring in terms of being able to experience things like live shows.

    As regards the thread. I've never tested positive for COVID. This isn't as spurious as it sounds - I work in healthcare and have had been around infected people many many times and subsequently developed symptoms consistent with COVID and tested myself... And I've never been positive. Ever. I was in the car with my wife at one point and she was hacking up a lung and subsequently tested + but I somehow failed to contract it.

  • I have never been to the Southern Hemisphere.

    I hope it will be otherwise soon.

    I am eager for Australia, all my life I have wanted to go there.

    Without deraliing this thread can you tell me why (to coin a phrase) briefly?

    I've never been to Russia, the country I most want to visit, and in its current state don't think I ever will.