Which five bands?

  • Rolling Stones

    Mike And The Mechanics



    Men Without Hats

    First we learned to walk on water.

    Then we tried something harder.

    - Red Seven -

  • 1. King Crimson saw by far the most spins from me in June.

    2. The Cult

    3. Rush

    4. Genesis

    5. Here I'll lump together single albums from proggy artists like Il Balletto di Bronzo, Eskaton, Magma, Bubu, and the like.

  • Darryl Way

    La Dottrina Degli Opposti

    Seventh Wave

    The Nice

    Doggerel Bank

    For June/July

    The problem for me and probably a few other here. Cannot just put just 5 bands down, though I will keep adding to my list!...:)

  • Mike Oldfield (mainly because Taurus II is perfect to listen to at work; when I need to really concentrate I use it to zone out the noise my colleagues make)

    Tori Amos (I am sort of rediscovering her through the "A piano" boxset)

    Anne Clark (The Law is an anagram of Wealth is such a brilliant album; thank you, A.S., for playing it to me)

    Alphaville (never would have bought the Forever Young album back then, but it is good)

    assorted this and that.

    Actually, if the question were "Which five albums?" most of my list would be audiobooks.

    ...cried a voice in the crowd.

  • Alphaville (never would have bought the Forever Young album back then, but it is good)

    I did buy it back then and it is brilliant, particularly the title track, a huge hit all over Europe bar the UK where it didn't chart, yet now it is frequently played on BBC Radio 2. I also got the follow up, Afternoons in Utopia, a concept album loosely based on Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Slight change in personnel and lots of guest musicians, but still very good.

    Interesting titbit: The next album, The Breathtaking Blue, was the fist CD to have the lyrics buried in the CD subcodes, you needed a computer and a CD player with a subcode out (not just digital out) to see them!


    Putting the old-fashioned Staffordshire plate in the dishwasher!

  • Since then, artists who I have played repeatedly or listened to multiple albums of ...

    Frank Zappa

    Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

    Blue Rodeo

    Big Big Train

    The Rolling Stones

  • Still been playing a lot of Zappa lately, plus...


    Rick Wakeman

    Peter Gabriel

    David Bowie