How often do you play a Genesis album

  • How often do you play a Genesis album 17

    1. Occasionally (6) 35%
    2. More than once a week (5) 29%
    3. Once a month (3) 18%
    4. Once a week (2) 12%
    5. Very rarely (1) 6%
    6. Never (0) 0%

    We're here because we love the music of Genesis. However because Genesis "broke up" many years ago I wonder how often you now play one of their albums.

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  • Genesis were my first love and to this day they remain my all-time favourite band. I find I listen to them more often now than in recent years, partly because I'm still discovering new bootlegs and partly because I've taken to re-editing a lot of their albums to include the B-sides and also to remix some of the tracks (pure indulgence!). I voted "occasionally" because I listen to a lot of music, on the road and at home, by all sorts of artists.

  • Fair to say I listen to Genesis at least once or twice a month though I tend to be streaky in my music-listening habits. If I'm in the mood of a particular artist, I will often play several of their albums, not necessarily in a row, but sporadically within a short time span.

  • I've been a fan since 1991 and i still listen a lot to the music. I listen to studio albums, official live albums and bootleg concert recordings. That goes for both the band and the solo careers.

    There may be some day every now and then when I don't listen to anything related to Genesis, but those days are not many. So basically I listen every day, and the number of albums/concerts during one week may be between 15 and 20.

    I may mention that I work at home and thus have the freedom to listen to whatever I like all day, which may not be the case in an office. This means I have several hours a day to fill with music.

  • I only get to play the albums when I'm in my car. Otherwise I hear tracks on my iPod. The last one was In The Cage, before that Another Record. So I can't really answer, but voted 'occasionally'.

  • The only ones I tend to listen to all the way through are The Lamb and Abacab, the latter being my version that includes the Dodo trilogy. And even that will be very rarely. The rest of my Genesis-listening time will be even more rarely incomplete albums (as all bar the above two have tracks I don't like), live versions and odds & ends on the internet, or most frequently my compilations.

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  • I don't think any of the poll answers really fit my listening habits. I might go for weeks or months without a Genesis album, but then go through several albums (or all of them) in a row.

    For the record, I only listen to music in my car, and I keep a stack of CDR copies in the order I plan to listen to them. When I select a disc that I've decided to listen to and put it at the bottom of the stack, it'll be about 2 months before I actually get to it. This means any given album (Genesis or otherwise) will, at most, be listened to once every 2 to 3 months.

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  • I listen to some Genesis every week, even if not a whole album. I drift in and out of prog rock, but Genesis seems to be a staple for me.

    I tend to revisit albums and play them to death for a while, before reurning to a few tracks per week routine. I seem to always go back to The Lamb, Trick of the Tail, and..and then there were three!