What TV shows have you been watching ?

  • Just finished season 4's last 2 missing episodes released today. Concluding this story!...:)

    And they all lived happily ever after apart from:?:...^^

    Season 5 airs towards the end of this year. ;)

  • Just finished season 4's last 2 missing episodes released today. Concluding this story!...:)

    And they all lived happily ever after apart from:?:...^^

    Season 5 airs towards the end of this year. ;)

    Great! Will be watching tonight. I heard there will be a new season of The Outlaws soon too.

  • Great! Will be watching tonight. I heard there will be a new season of The Outlaws soon too.

    If you mean Outlaws with Stephen Merchant and Christopher Walken, yes, it has already aired here.

    Recently watched "Grace" with John Simm, excellent and very different cop show, and recent series of "McDonald & Dodds" has been very good too.


    Putting the old-fashioned Staffordshire plate in the dishwasher!

  • Part 2 of season 4 Stranger Things streams this Friday. Cannot wait as this will conclude this story. ;)

    It was very, very overwrought but I enjoyed it immensely.

    Best part was the music - Siouxie's Spellbound chronologically appropriately seeing things out, and Moby's majestic When It's Cold I'd Like To Die totally chronologically inappropriately (but majestically) appearing when someone was about to die.

  • Watched the documentary The Real Mo Farah.2022

    What a story he had, once trafficked as a young boy at 8 from Somali and given a false name to enter UK...... Known today as Sir Mo Farah.

    He was abused by what was his adopted parents, his tasks was to look after kids and clean the kitchen. After persuading these folks that he needed to get out of the house he joined the local school . Being very troubled as a kid, wanted to get out of his present family location. His only friend was his PE teacher, where he excelled in most sports, specially running. Being very unhappy, he finally talked to his PE teacher now friend and was able to go through the channels to social services, where he finally was accepted as a child and was loved and looked after by real foster parents.

    After his successful running career winning loads of Olympic and World titles, it was finally time for him to find the truth about himself and why he was brought into the UK. Mo has carried this guilt on his shoulders for a long time. His wife finally persuaded him to tell the truth and find out what happed. Only recently the UK's Foreign Office has cleared his name, due to the fact he was only a minor and unaware of his situation at the time.

    I applaud Sir Mo for finding out and speaking the truth...👏..... Most pundits think Mo was brave to speak out and what a weight to carry around with you all this time. He can now live his life without lies knowing the country what he really is. :thumbup:

    During this documentary Mo Farah found out there's approximately 10,000 trafficked kids who have entered UK alone!......8|

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  • I understand that following this documentary a police investigation has begun looking into those who trafficked and abused Mo Farrah.

  • I just finished Australian 80s-set TV drama series The Newsreader. Thoroughly enjoyed it, really gripping, a bit nostalgic and terrific performances with a few touching moments.

    Abandon all reason

  • Made my way through the boxset of all 3 seasons of Hannibal, based on the Lecter novels. It started well but by the end I was impatient to finish it. Bought cheap from a charity shop, left yesterday in our local book & dvd exchange which is in a refurbished red phone box up the road.

    Watched 2 of the 3 episodes of Crossfire, a drama in which some friends are on holiday when 2 gunmen turn up and start randomly killing people in the hotel complex. It has some very tense moments. It's been screened on bbc1, I'm watching it on the iplayer where I'm also 2 episodes into an interesting drama Red Rose.

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  • Started the Rings Of Power. I'm a huge Tolkein fan so I have to. Done first two episodes and am not quite sure what's going on . Most of it is just made up. I understand the makers had rights only to LOFT and could only therefore use the Appendices to build a story around events about the creation of the rings and nothing from Silmarrilion. There are great stories in the appendices is

    enough material in for a series or a two bit not enough for 5 of 6 series so they have made up stories

    Still it's visually spectacular I'll see how it goes, can't see me not watching it through to the end though.

  • Most of it is just made up

    Most of it?!

    Every time I catch a bit of a LOTR film, and as with the trailer I saw for this, there are people speaking way too slowly and portentously. I'm sure they'd have crammed everything into just 2 films instead of 3 if they'd spoken a bit quicker

    Abandon all reason

  • Just finished season 5 of the ridiculously entertaining Cobra Kai. Good as ever, hope they keep it up.

    I've given, of all things, Supergirl a go. I think i read somewhere it was good. It's not, really. Far too lightweight. I slogged through to the start of season 2 but can't see myself watching much more. The actress who played Ally McBeal gives a good performance in it, but it's not enough by itself to keep going.

    And I just started a series called resident evil. First episode and a half were good enough for me to keep watching that one at least a bit further.

    Ooh! And the original Knightrider has appeared on Netflix here. I watched the first two episodes, what a blast from the past. Very silly of course and quite quaint at this stage. How did they ever convince Michael Caine to do it?!

  • Been watching the new South Park films and really enjoyed them. Made me have a look again at the very early episodes and I found myself thinking: it's crazy what comedy got away with in the 90's, they insulted everybody. Today this show would have been cancelled in no time after outrageous shitstorms. Same for every other 90's comedy show if they ran today. It's funny South Park even showed something like this in one their season 1 episodes when parents protest against Terrance & Phillip.

  • As in the game and subsequent film franchise? (Mila Jovovich, red dress, leather jacket, black boots. That is all).

    I was wondering about that too, but I don't think so. It's a post viral apocalypse thing, and I don't remember the movie being that (but I confess *all* I remember of the film was Mila Jovovich as you described).

  • Quite right too, entirely understandable and very reasonable.


    Seems like it is the same thing after all.


    I never knew it was a whole big franchise. And my memory of the movie is clearly garbled, I thought it was some sort of cyberfiction video game thing, possibly set in space. I thought it had a scene where someone was trapped in a security corridor of sorts, with a blue laser sweeping back and forth that the person would have to dodge, and with each pass the laser got more complicated and intricate until it became impossible to avoid and the person was chopped into pieces. I had thought it was possible this corridor was on a spaceship. And then Mila Jovovich was there, just being really attractive and dangerous and stuff.

    Anyway... The Netflix series currently bearing the name is off to a reasonable start!

  • House of the Dragon, an extremely pale (literally given that most of the characters are white haired Targaryens) shadow of Game of Thrones. I am sticking with it but none of it has worked.