Happy Easter - and find our easter eggs :)

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    We'd like to wish all of you a happy Easter and some relaxed days with your loved one, no matter whether you celebrate or not.

    Thanks for your support and your interest in our site and forum.

    You may have a look at the photo. There are plenty of items and a lot of references to Genesis & solo. Try to find as many Genesis-related stuff as possible. It could be songs, lyrics - just anything.




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  • Funny idea!


    It's One O Clock .... I Know What I Like

    Match Of The Day

    Snowman - Snowbound

    Fox - The Musical Box

    Selling England By The Pound

    The Globe ... Around The World in 80 Presets?

    Cat - Cats & Rats in this Neighburhood?

  • (Match of the Day, Musical Box, I Know What I Like, Snowbound = all good)

    The Knife - The Knife

    Globe on Africa side - Congo

    Knights - Time Table

    Phone - Misunderstanding

    Dominos - Domino

  • The cover of It's Only Rock'n'Roll - in It there is the line 'it's only knock & knowall but I like it'.

    Clock - Counting Out Time

    The picture of the coast could be Can Utility & the Coastliners or Firth of Fifth

  • I think the knights are possibly of the Green Shield; if so, then "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight"; the credit cards too.

    The bottles look like perfumes ("dabs her skin with pretty smells"); thus, "The Cinema Show"

    The only reference to chocolate in Genesis lyrics I can think of is in "The Lamia", but I don't see any fingers (not sure that matters).

    The other ones I spotted have already been named.

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • The figure on the far left: Harlequin

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