STEVE HACKETT - A Genesis In My Bed - Book discussion

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    I bought it and have started reading. So far it’s interesting, without revealing big things. But then again, Steve’s an open book anyway as he communicates a lot with fans

    that might be true

    nevertheless, I assume it’s interesting for a lot of people to get an idea of individual thoughts and feelings of band members.

  • I wonder whether or not there will be an audio book of this - spoken by Steve himself, like Phil did ...

    Well, if you suffer from insomnia, this is just the ticket......

    Unfortunately, nothing (new) to see here that we didn't already know from Alan Hewitt's biography or Steve's various interviews over the years.

    That said, it is well written and the family history is heart -warming, but I can't think of anything that came as a surprise.

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    A review about the book is now also available here on our website…iography-review-s778.html

  • We just felt that Steve's biography was shorter than we expected, especially considering his career and age.

    Although it has left room for volume 2, its unlikely that we would see a second volume. That's a pity


  • I agree, it very much skims the surface, though it does pick up the pace a touch once he leaves Genesis. If you are looking for a more thorough insight, Alan Hewitt's biography does go much deeper, though it does end about 10 years ago. I have an early copy with the bonus DVD of the interviews. Even better.


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  • Backdrifter, up to the modern day. But any chance of an insight into his song writing, composition in the studio and or tours was very thin.


    Ok thanks. That sounds disappointing and if it covers up to the present then it's unlikely there'll be a vol2. I deliberately didn't leap into buying it and the views here underline that. I'll only possibly get it if I see it super cheap in paperback.

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  • I bought Steve's book, also Mike's and Armando Gallo's I know what I like, in digital format from Amazon Kindle 3 weeks ago. No paperbacks, that is not practical anymore dear folks.

    What I've read in the book and read fans comments so far, it is very unfortunate that Steve does not delve more on touring and composing music. I found his childhood narrative days in England very boring and lack of substance.

    Going from Kim Poor covers to the ones on his latest Premonition Box set artwork by Roger Dean is a huge improvement. But Steve should have shared the stories behind all of Kim's paintings but I'm sure he does not wish to be reminded of the painful divorce and prefers to appreciate his wife Jo. Fortunately, Kim's book provides that void:

    This one does call for a hard copy!

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    Steve has confirmed he hasn’t mentioned Kim

    for legal reasons..

    Personally, I don’t think the Roger Dean covers as great, but it’s just another opinion. Having said that, I am also not a fan of Kim’s work...

  • When I see Kim's artwork for "Blood On The Rooftops," it reminds me of the album cover for Supertramp's 'Some Things Never Change.' The couple even appear to look similar. Objects floating in space, as well as those in the water. Makes me wonder if Kim's art was an inspiration for the Supertramp cover.

  • Maybe so, but Supertramp's is much better. I've never liked KP's work. I'd never seen this BOTR one, it's so ploddingly literal.

    This picture is the cover of Feedback 2000, but it's an old picture, from a book of Genesis inspired paintings that was out by 1981 at the latest, as I saw it in a bookshop in Cambridge.

    I liked Kim's covers up to Guitar Noir, though To Watch The Storms is good too. Please Don't Touch is a masterpiece. There's no denying her talent, particularly when you understand her method, glass beads on steel sheet, which requires a knowledge of the melting point of each colour. I think it was Dali who came up with the name for her style, Diaphinism.


    Putting the old-fashioned Staffordshire plate in the dishwasher!

  • about Steve and Kim again - I guess it's also pretty hard to write one's autobiography, knowing that a lot of content could be, or should be, involving one's ex. Let alone legal agreements ...

    I think Kim has also been cut out of the Gallo App