[SPOILERS] GENESIS 2021 setlist discussion

  • Very interesting picture... I think it's rather his 1976-1978 drumkit since it is a Premier, not a Gretsch or a Pearl (he had those later I believe, but I'm not a drummer, so I'm not a specialist).

    Phil had a different Premier kit on the Duke tour (check out the Lyceum concert video) that has a lighter natural birch finish. His Lamb/Trick Tour kit was a darker, mahogany finish.

  • There are actually 3 versions now. Each label has a different track listing.

  • Now that we know the setlist, here's my fanmade one that takes into account what the band actually settled on.

    1. Dance On A Volcano [Song section]
    2. Behind The Lines
    3. Duchess
    4. Land Of Confusion
    5. The Carpet Crawlers
    6. Abacab
    7. Medley:
      • Fading Lights
      • Apocalypse in 9/8
      • Afterglow
    8. No Son Of Mine
    9. Home By The Sea
    10. Second Home By The Sea
    11. Acoustic Set:
      • Supper's Ready [Lover's Leap]
      • That's All
      • Follow You Follow Me
    12. Mama
    13. Firth Of Fifth [Instrumental]
    14. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
    15. Domino
    16. Invisible Touch
    17. Turn It On Again
    18. Encore:
    • The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
    • The Musical Box [Closing Section]

    It was a tossup for me between opening with Dance On A Volcano or Squonk. Went for the former but both are 10/10 openings. The lack of Los Endos (for good reason) certainly should've opened up a spot for these two in the setlist.

    The Cinema Show is cool, but it would've been cool to change it up a bit like they did in 07 with Duke's Travels or 86 with In That Quiet Earth. Again, I would be just has happy to have In That Quiet Earth/Afterglow, but on balance, Apocalypse in 9/8 is probably the one Banks keyboard solo that has been absent the most from those keyboard solo medleys (We've had lots of In The Cage/Cinema Show/Quiet Earth/Slipperman, even Riding the Scree). To me Apocalypse would be the coolest inclusion. And as cool as it would be to end with As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs, that's probably just impossible considering Phil's condition. So transitioning from the keyboard solo to Afterglow would solve that issue. Plus, I'm sure we all agree more Nursery Cryme & Foxtrot is cool, as the setlist is packed with Selling England and Lamb stuff. Seriously they've got 4 songs (admittedly in bits) from Selling England, they're barely even doing more from Invisible Touch (5).

    And yes, I have managed to put Supper's Ready into both medleys, but for the reasons above I consider those to be the best two options. Phil could easily sing Lover's Leap, and it would be a good nod to the fans. We didn't really need an acoustic Lamb. That song needs to go hard.

    For the encore, as much as I would prefer The Lamb/Watcher of the Skies medley, I thought it wouldn't be great for the show to end with a long instrument while Phil just sits there, so I had to go with Musical Box which has lyrics right up to the end.

  • Some good thought / ideas in there WutheringNights76

    I've always liked the idea of a Volcano...Dukes Intro/End...Abacab opener. Or failing that a Dukes Intro...Lamb...Watcher opener. Either would be really powerful.

    The acoustic Lovers Leap is a great idea, and I like the inclusion of Apocalypse....and the As Sure As Eggs ending could be achieved by turning up the mix of the backing singers and the audience who would pretty much be singing their hearts out by then to help Phil along.

    For me, the best encore would always include I Know What I Like...purely from the audience involvement / singalong / positive vibe point of view.

  • Quote
    • Fading Lights
    • Apocalypse in 9/8
    • Afterglow

    I don't know how it's possible they didn't think about doing it that way... Especially given the keys in which they are playing these songs now...

    Fading Lights is now in E major (Bb or A Major before)

    (a little drum fill and you go into...)

    Apocalypse which is also in E (organ solo part)
    (here, they would stop after "666..." maybe played on guitar by Daryl, as he did with Guide Vocal in 2007, until the main 9/8 riff slows down and ends at the B Major chord... into...)
    Afterglow which is in E Major too (G major before, F in 2007).

    It looks like it would be quite smooth.

    Also, I don't know why they didn't try to link Dance on a Volcano with Cinema Show... just before the drum solo, DOAV ends on a A major chord (listen to 1977, 1980, 1981), so the transition to Cinema Show, also in A, seems quite obvious.

  • I need to find some good mp3 editing software to try some of these out!!

    Any recommendations from anyone gratefully received (albeit it needs to be suitable for an amateur rather than a pro!).

  • Well, Audacity might work, if you want to do basic editing.

    EDIT : Here it is, you just have to unzip it. I took the 1986 version of Apocalypse, so the sound is absolutely not the same, it's just to give you an idea. Forget about the vocals, replace it with Daryl's guitar playing the melody instead.

    Sorry for the very bad audio quality, I couldn't upload a bigger file...

    Genesis 2021 Medley Edit.mp3.zip

    Interesting idea, but I'm not sure how well it would work to have Daryl playing a melody to replace the vocals. It did work nicely back in 2007 but replacing the 666 vocal part with a guitar seems an odd fit. Just my opinion.

  • I have a very strong feeling that they are going to change the setlist slightly for the US leg. Given their talk about having Abacab 'in the wings', rehearsed and with a light production and everything to go with it, plus the fact that - as another poster pointed out and I can totally corroborate - it is still heard fairly regularly on the radio here. I think they will drop something for Abacab. For that reason, to the best of my ability, I'm actually going to avoid spoilers once the stateside leg commences. Fingers crossed 😃

  • This would've been my hyper-unrealistic ideal reunion set:

    1. Dance On A Volcano

    2. Behind The Lines

    3. Abacab

    4. Land Of Confusion

    5. Medley: The Knife / Watcher Of The Skies / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / Ripples / Firth Of Fifth / I Know What I Like / Dodo~Lurker

    6. Misunderstanding

    7. That's All

    8. In Too Deep

    9. Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea

    10. Follow You, Follow Me

    11. No Reply At All

    12. Mama

    13. Entangled

    14. Squonk

    15. No Son Of Mine

    16. Throwing It All Away

    17. Dancing With The Moonlight Knight (intro) / Carpet Crawlers

    18. Medley: In The Cage / The Cinema Show / In That Quiet Earth / Counting Out Time / Supper's Ready

    19. Hold on My Heart

    20. Domino

    21. Los Endos

    Encore 1:

    22. I Can't Dance

    23. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight / Invisible Touch

    Encore 2:

    24. Fading Lights

    25. Turn It On Again