Your favorite GENESIS live albums (pick two)

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    Select your two favorite GENESIS live albums 74

    1. Seconds Out (1977) (50) 68%
    2. Three Sides Live (36) 49%
    3. Genesis Live (1973) (20) 27%
    4. Live Over Europe (2007) (15) 20%
    5. Live At The Rainbow 1973 (2009) (14) 19%
    6. The Way We Walk - Volume 2: The Longs (1993) (8) 11%
    7. The Way We Walk - Volume 1: The Shorts (1992) (4) 5%

    Besides the studio album, Genesis have also release a couple of live albums, so it's only logical to have a favorite live albums poll as well.

    I have selected all live albums that were officially released. That includes The Way We Walk as two separate albums as well as the Rainbow 1973 live album as part of the LIVE Boxset. If you think I should add The Lamb Live as part of the Archive series, please let me know. Votes can be changed any time.

    Of course I didn't include all the Encore CDs.


    For the studio album please check out this poll

    Your favorite GENESIS studio albums (pick three)

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    Thanks Christian. For me it’s Seconds Out and The Way We Walk, The Shorts. Seconds Out is a such a powerful live album. It rocks. Phil really gives it his all.
    I picked the Shorts for more of a nostalgic reason. I had it as a kid, and I loved the back and forth “de da lay!!” on Throwing it all Away. I would just picture myself there. I know it’s corny in some ways and fans who have seen them multiple times are tired of that, but I’m hoping they do it on this coming concert. Also Invisible Touch. Great rendition.

  • Seconds Out was an easy choice. I ended up picking Genesis Live over Three Sides Love.

    I love them all except for the Way We Walk, the shorts. I can't imagine ever listening to that one again.

    Haven't heard the Rainbow Show often enough to comment.

  • Live and 3SL (the full live version). They're the best cross-representation of their live work.

    Seconds Out is always going to walk a vote like this due to the level of fan devotion to it but as I've said before here it does nothing for me. Too clinical, it's had the life produced out of it. I prefer the earthier feel of my two choices. And PC's voice is too light on SO, it had matured to its peak on 3SL.

    The SO packaging is pretty bad too, uninspired apart from the atmospheric back cover shot which should've been the front cover in my view. The 'scrapbook' inner gatefold was a real live album cliché of the time.

    Abandon all reason


    I don't have RAINBOW. That one has some of the same performances as disc 3 of ARCHIVE 1967-1975, right?

    I arranged SHORTS & LONGS so that they're mixed together into one 2-disc live album, but with 3 SHORTS songs omitted.

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  • 3SL (the one with three live sides) and The Longs for me.

    I like the energy of 3SL, they were at the top of their game around 81-83. I had it on vinyl and the big inside picture with the glowing lights was very eye-catching. I loved the studio tracks too (except Virgil). It felt like some secret having these non-album tracks tucked away on the 4th side of a live album, and You Might Recall and Evidence of Autumn remain among my favorite Genesis tracks to this day.

    The Longs was the second Genesis album I bought, after WCD. I remember being struck by the opening of Dance on a Volcano, the transition from Domino 1 to Domino 2, and all of Home By The Sea. It's not perfect, but I think that album really sealed the deal for me in terms of identifying Genesis as a band of major interest, so I guess the choice is a little personal and less objective!

  • A difficult choice for me, but I went with Seconds Out and 3SL.

    I agree with Backdrifter to some extent that Seconds Out can be criticized for being a little too smooth. 3SL and definitely Live have way more grit. Songs like Squonk and TLLDOB lose their edge. I also agree that Phil's voice hasn't yet achieved the muscularity that made 3SL work so well, but his softer approach still is lovely for many songs. Overall I think the performances are still wonderful and I can overcome the smoothness by playing it extra loud.

    3SL is great for the material, the energy, the rawness.

    That said, I love Genesis live in any recording.

  • Just curious Decomposing, which three songs did you omit?

    (1) Mama. I only listened to it once and didn't like the way it sounded.

    (2) Hold On My Heart. This version & the LIVE OVER EUROPE one both have the same overextended ending, and one version like that was enough for me.

    (3) Invisible Touch. Another case where one live version was enough for me. (Note: I used some sound editing software to fade this one out at the beginning after TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT. Otherwise I just copied all the CD tracks as they were. There's one place in my arrangement where the applause from a SHORTs track transitions perfectly into the beginning of a LONGs track!)

    “When the waitress asked if I wanted my pizza cut into four or eight slices, I said, ‘Four. I don’t think I can eat eight.’” -- Yogi Berra

    A soldier survived mustard gas in combat, and then pepper spray from the police. He's now a seasoned veteran.

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    It’s a bootleg, sometimes there are some “grey areas” regarding copyright, but other than the official live albums and the encore series of all shows 2007, genesis have not teased other stand alone live show CDs

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    That’s what I thought Christian. It was packaged pretty though; it can fool the untrained eye. My experience with bootlegs is limited to the Zeppelin bootlegs I own. I bought them while I was in college at one of those seedy off campus shops that require you to bring in a blank cassette and they copy the bootleg for you. One of those hippy places that sell hemp bracelets, posters, and other items. I don’t think those types of establishments exist anymore.That was the mid 90’s.

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    I wish there were more official live releases from the PG era besides Live.

    at least they did the rainbow show for the live boxset and also a complete lamb show (Archive boxset). Ok, lamb was strange, the majority of the vocals was done in the nineties ...