STEVE HACKETT - Cured - 40th release anniversary

  • Steve Hackett's fifth solo album Cured was released 40 years ago today (same day and anniversaary with the Abacab single)

    Read our review here:…ed-album-review-s385.html

    What do you think about Abacab? Did you buy it back in 1981 or later?

  • It's not my favourite but I don't share in what seems to me widespread dislike of it. It's got catchy tunes, and Nightmare & Sleeper are two favourites of mine.

    Abandon all reason

  • At the time of its release, I thought it was a horrible misstep by Steve.

    There was so much I didn’t like about it: the tinny production, the vocals, the artificial drums — and the fact he was no longer touring with the same cast of musicians that I had seen him tour with the previous year.

    In hindsight, I don’t think it’s as bad or weak of an album as I felt it was at the time.

    I’ve gained some appreciation for it but it's certainly not one my favourites.

  • When I first bought this and saw the cover my heart sank, it must be up there with the worse covers ever and sadly to me the music lives up to the cover. By far my least fav of Steve's albums.

    In fact it is so long since I have listened to it I think I will dig it out and give it a spin to see if it still sounds as bad ?