PETER GABRIEL - The Court - track discussion

  • The quality of Peter Gabriel's songs is variable.

    There are two periods (IMOO): the inventivity of the first fourth LP's. Then, the rest...

    In each subsequent album there are always one or two indigent songs:

    I don't know of many artists who don't have one or two fillers on their albums, it's pretty much a given and I don't think it's' reason enough to say that the quality of their work is variable. I also think, in Peter's case that it is quite difficult to lump together the first 4 albums. The first two were clearly the output of an artist who was trying to be original, find his own path while putting the longest distance possible between himself and his previous band. The result was a mixed bag and the quality, as you put it, was certainly not homogenous. PG3&4 were something different altogether, certainly more solid but even on PG3, widely regarded as a masterpiece, you can find at least a song some people consider a filler. SO and US even though very different from another are again of very solid albums material-wise. UP not so much IMO.

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  • Haha. I'm imagining using the verb "to moo" as equivalent to venturing forth an opinion. As in "Abacab was an important album for Genesis" Kevin mooed. "Yes", Alicia mooed in return, "it broke the mold in some ways".

    I just assumed Apple had moved into cattle

    Abandon all reason

  • A few points to add to the above conversations:

    I find these first two tracks OK, not horribly disappointing and not amazing. I don't expect him to put out another PG3, PG4, or So. Most artists are happy to to put out one classic album and I would argue Gabriel has done more than that. I'll satisfied with some new tunes that I like and don't need to be bowled over.

    I disagree that it is not possible for later career artists to put out great albums. Though it may be infrequent, it is definitely possible. Dylan put out Rough and Rowdy Ways when he was 79. The Who put out WHO when Townshend and Daltrey were 74 and 75 respectively. Leonard Cohen's You Want It Darker came out when he was 82.

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  • I prefer the bright mix too ! I think the mix has overall a better balance, and there are some nice elements from the orchestra that were kept and that are important. The work on the voice is also subtle and nicely done.

  • I also prefer the Bright-Side Mix (but let's wait a couple of weeks, I have also changed my mind about Panopticom a couple of times).

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • The deep dive video on band camp is quite interesting. I hope for an earlier version or a demo of the track, rather than a band tracking version this time!


  • In the meantime I think I'd prefer the BS Mix. It sounds lighter and somehow better. Can't really explain.




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  • I prefer the BS mix. It sounds "brighter" (ha!), yet more intense. Funny enough, I didn't like the track when I first listened to it. But it grows over time. It's always interesting how music changes when you spend some time with it, isn't it? So I always give stuff a second and third chance and let it grow. Sometimes it grows, sometimes not.

    Whether or not this is a "top notch" Gabriel track I don't know. Perhaps we should wait before making a final evaluation...