PETER GABRIEL | 18 May 2023 KRAKOW - Tauron Arena (i/o: The Tour) ***SPOILER***

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    So far no info whether or not they would film a show.
    the tour Is called i/o The Tour so it’s just consistent he plays the whole album. And it’s also not that unusual to play stuff that hasn’t gone out yet.
    I am curious to see if he will keep this setlist or change new ones for classics. Quite obviously a lot of work went into the stage show for each track.
    by the time they hit America, 9-10 tracks have been released.

    in a nutshell. Chapeau Mr Gabriel. I didn’t think he would be that brave. But why should he play 40+ years old stuff when he has so much new material?

    we hat that retro thing for a long time. Warm up tour, new blood, back to front. And now finally new stuff. So let him play it

  • Kinda realising what those audiences in the USA felt like when The Lamb tour started without the album being released yet!.

    That's the point: save money for the remaster of the remaster of the red limited edition copy in just 50000000 limited copies, and spend them in concert.

    Concerts happen only that night, in that moment, with you in that specific mood. That's the non-repicable magic!

    In few years there'll be no more opportunities to see genius like Peter, with his courage, his challenging, his need to still experimenting at 73, his treatment of the public as an intelligent public able to perceive the novelty rather than becoming obsessed with what they already know, his way of generating opposite opinions (the secret of real art and the essence for recognizing real art), his proposing so intriguing "projects" (which is a view far bigger than simply put out an album and go on tour doing the greatest hits to please audiences and promoters like a bad copy-paste of what we pretend our idol on a poster has to be).

    It's great to be able of living a sort of middle 70's feeling, and not reading it on a book thinking "if only I was of the right age in the right decade...". And it's great to release the feeling could seem the same, but it's always a new unexpected story without repetitions.

    I think it's more honest in saying I choose to not go to a concert: feeling happy to not seeing something you will never know how it would really hurt/embrace/surround/shake since you've never been there physically, it's something I personally don't understand.

    Sorry if I say this, but I'm starting seeing so many comments around the web of people that just because they've seen in few seconds too many new songs, and not the songs they're familiar, start to judge, make reviews or being happy of not going to this tour. Peter is someone who waits 21 years before releasing a new album. This could mean he has something strong to say. We learnt it since years and with clear high quality evidences (his past tours, albums, ideas, projects, behavior). So, I don't know why after thinking "oh, no I don't know all these songs", it doesn't follow something like "it's not a problem: if he wants to challenge me with this, maybe I could give a chance and then judge".

    Just my opinion and approach, obviously. I come in peace ✌️

    The news that truly shocks is the empty, empty page

  • People need to remember that these shows are not just for a small number of hardcore fans - a huge percentage will have no clue what they are watching/listening to.

    Yes, it exciting for some fans on forums like this, but it isn't reality. People aren't going to see him to be "challenged" by the majority of songs they've never heard - yes, put some in there, but this amount is a mis-step IMO.

    Anyway, if you're going to see him, I hope you enjoy it!

  • So, looks like no "Encore Series" CD at the moment (I was hoping someone on here was going to say "I brought one last night"). Let's hope that changes :)

    I don't want to see any videos to spoil when I see Peter in Birmingham, but from the 5 songs he's released so far, can anyone tell me what "version" he's playing of them?

    I've brought the "Bright Side Mix" of all 5 so far, are these the arrangements he played last night out of interest?

  • Ok, Im confused, I need help from someone that was there. There was this song that I took a picture of but camt see it on the set list. Can you help me? It was al shiny and colorful during all song

    It's from the second half of Live and Let Live:

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    Overall, a great show -- certainly new material-heavy but I won't complain. It's not like there will be many more chances to hear them performed live again.

    Oh, and both Panopticom and I/O sound amazing live. I wasn't impressed with either of them when first released but after yesterday, they've turned into very persistent ear-worms that I just can't stop humming. Visuals help them a great deal, obviously, but they simply have more kick live.

  • I'm sure the shows will be on nugs (but streaming only:() & maybe he'll put them somewhere else for download.

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    Back home and I am really impressed. Never ever would I have thought he'll do all (?) new songs from the new album and most of them are really good. as far as you can tell after one performance. I like that Peter is no more living in the past, he did enough shows and tours with legacy stuff. Now it's looking ahead again. Thanks!