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    BANKSTATEMENT - Thursday The Twelfth
    Year: 1989
    Album: Bankstatement
    Working title: unknown
    Credits: Banks
    Lyrics: No
    Length: 4:48
    Musicians: Tony Banks, Alistair Gordon, Steve Hillage, Dick Nolan, Geoff Dugmore
    Played Live: never
    Cover versions: unknown

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    Notes: One of Tony's Instrumentals, with a slight Genesis-touch, this was one of the sweet spots on the Bankstatement album.




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  • I always liked this one, and the title is so fitting. I once did a playlist with instrumentals from the Genesis-family and this was on it of course. Worth 13 points!

  • Tony's attempt to make his own "Mike + the Mechanics" had kind of mixed results, with that silly "Bankstatement" name not being one of the better features. "Thursday" and "Big Man" are kind of odd fits on the album because they're true solo tracks that don't involve the other "members." Frankly I would have liked to hear one album featuring songs sung by the other singers, and another featuring instrumentals like "Thursday" (and the occasional Tony vocal like "Big Man"). There really aren't enough rock instrumentals in Tony's catalog.

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  • Hmm. It's not bad. The best thing I like about it is that it's kind of messy and all over the place.

    There are very strong hints of In That Quiet Earth/Unquiet Slumbers with the chugging guitar/bass part that goes through some of it.


  • I had to remind myself of this as I think I heard it once around the time it came out. I quite like it. It's like a better more characterful version of the sort of stuff Hackett did on some of his albums. I like that it gives an impression of lurching and staggering around, and while I often find Genesis and solo stuff can overuse fadeouts it works on this as it gives me an image of this flailing waving thing stomping madly around before staggering off into the distance, which I find oddly appealing.

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