Your favorite tracks on ... "i/o"

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    What are your three favorite tracks on "i/o" at the moment? 58

    1. Playing For Time (23) 40%
    2. Four Kinds Of Horses (23) 40%
    3. Live And Let Live (21) 36%
    4. Road To Joy (18) 31%
    5. Love Can Heal (16) 28%
    6. Panopticom (15) 26%
    7. i/o (13) 22%
    8. The Court (11) 19%
    9. And Still (9) 16%
    10. This Is Home (8) 14%
    11. Olive Tree (7) 12%
    12. So Much (5) 9%

    Ok, we like polls like "what are your three favorite tracks on this record?". Of course, i/o is special, so we thought why not do a special poll that gets updates once new tracks are being released and also will give you the chance to change your vote any time?

    So let's start with six tracks now (June 2023) and more tracks will be added once they have been released. And then you can change you votes. Or change them when you change your mind.

    Details about i/o are available in our i/o special here:…on-and-overview-s866.html

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    Interesting. The Court is last in the German forum

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    I have now added "So Much" to this poll, so you can change your vote if you want to.

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    So Much is now in my Top 3. Let's see for how long.

  • Indeed! In fact, I'm really keen on all of the remaining tracks. Live and Let Live sounds like a good final track, a nice summary of the album.

    Yeah, that would be an amazing final track for the album!

    I’m always wary of saying this when it comes to new work from artists I love — since the best of the best have already stood the test of time — but this album is turning out to be Peter’s best work. All of the songs have been superb, and that’s also true of the remaining songs.

    ”Olive Tree” is another energetic song I’m dying to hear a studio version of, and whenever I’ve listened to it, it stays in my head. ”This Is Home” is exactly the type of mid-tempo jam I love, and the rest of the slower songs are gorgeous as well. ”What Lies Ahead” has been a strong favorite of mine for a long time, but the more I’ve listened to ”And Still”, the more I love it. There are textures there that should sound mindblowingly good once we get to the studio version.

    And ”Love Can Heal” has been haunting me ever since I heard it on YouTube from the Rock, Paper, Scissors tour. It’s already up there when I think of the best songs he’s ever written.

    It’s crazy to think that some of those amazing songs are probably not going to make it onto the album, which is a testament to Peter’s high form and artistry. It’s been a long wait since ”Up”, but this year has been so rewarding, getting a masterpiece each full moon that as much as I’m dying to listen to the whole thing, I’m also not wanting it to end.

    But since Peter is now seriously in the groove, who knows if we’ll get new music each full moon that will continue into the next album after ”i/o”? I was preparing myself for this to be Peter’s farewell, but it seems he has so much high quality material that another album is not at all an impossible thought.

    Not that this wasn’t the case after ”Up” 21 years ago, though. :D

  • I agree that i/o is turning out to be superb. Panopticom didn't resonate hugely at first, though with the dark side mix (and time) it has really grown on me. I now feel it's a very strong opening track. The Court and Four Kinds of Horses are as good as anything he's ever done.

    For me, nothing will likely ever top Passion or Security (my two favs). That being said, i/o will fit nicely with the rest of his catalogue. I really appreciate the mature theme of many/all of the songs thus far, and there is a strong ecological component as well (the interrelatedness of life). As an ecologist, it's phenomenal to have my favourite artist make an album with this as a major theme. Super stoked to hear the entire album.

  • For me, nothing will likely ever top Passion or Security (my two favs).

    Hey, those are my favorites, too! Passion is my all-time favorite album, and it's Security when it comes to his "regular" discography.

    And while I'm no ecologist, I know what you're talking about since there's so much of that in W. S. Merwin, my favorite poet, so I've been so stoked about these songs because they've been so relatable: impermanence of life, of us as the inhabitants of this planet, and the universe, the interconnectedness of it all, and getting older and finding meaning not always from rushing forward but staying still — not that there's not that immense sense of curiosity and "wanting to know more" in the songs, too. The state in which I'd like to go out, too, when the time comes.