What TV shows have you been watching ?

  • Picard season 3. Phenomenal so far.

    I've never had access to it, but might look out for other sources. I liked TNG and like the Picard character and Patrick Stewart, so I'm intrigued by it. I'm saddened to hear his once deep rich voice so reduced though.

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  • I have not watched it yet, but the Wrexham football club story seems genuinely heartwarming with McElhinney/Reynolds buying it and now getting promoted. I plan to watch the Disney plus show about it.

    One thing I hope to learn is the relative role each actor plays - the articles usually mention them both at the start, then exclusively refer to Reynolds as the savior, or the guy who knows how to make a shrewd investment or something along those lines. My brief research so far indicates it was McElhinney's idea and he approached Reynolds for the money. By way of background, I think McElhinney's show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the best American comedy there is.

  • This evening BBC4 showed a batch of episodes of Bobbie Gentry's late 60s/early 70s TV shows. It was a lovely couple of hours and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a talented and beautiful woman.

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  • Technically not a show I watched, I don't have access to it, and even if I did I wouldn't watch it, but seeing clips others have posted of Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin it again strikes me that Carlson seems to permanently have the facial expression of a post-concussion baboon that's been given a differential equation to solve.

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  • Talking Pictures TV are airing "Stringray" on Saturday afternoons. Made in 1964, in colour, the picture quality is outstanding for the era, clearly Gerry Anderson's budget had few limits.

    This showing proves me wrong. Back in the day, it would be one around 4.30pm, and, like Fireball XL5 and Thunderbirds, I would be badgering my mum if we had stopped in shops on the way home from school, home taping was not even something anyone had even imagined at that time, so I'd be urging mum to get a move on, this would be my only chance to see this episode, it would never be repeated! Now, it seems, I was wrong! Sorry mum!

    Interestingly, these repeats are preceded by a warning that the show is rated "PG". Really? It's a kids show, no-one over the age of 12 was watching it back in the day. X/

    On the subject of ratings for shows, BBC have warnings of "Contains adult humour" - I wonder if they've ever seen it? :/


    Putting the old-fashioned Staffordshire plate in the dishwasher!

  • I've been watching drama series The Dropout on the bbc iplayer. It tells the story of the Theranos blood-testing scandal. Really gripping, horrible at times (especially as it actually happened) but it even has touches of humour. It grimly illustrates how people can be caught up in the energy and enthusiasm of a highly driven person, particularly when it promises the possibility of money.

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  • Watching Doctor Who from the beginning in 1963 on the i player. We've been watching for months. Now up to series 7, 1970 with John Pertwee. It's gone colour.

    I just recently re-watched the Capaldi ones and really enjoyed them. At the time I saw some but must have missed quite a few as there were ones I had no memory of. I like his grumpy take on the character.

    While the earliest ones I recall are Troughton, Pertwee was "my" one. I vividly remember that first one of his, with the shop window dummies coming to life and smashing their way out. It's one of the most stark and memorable TV images from my childhood, along with the Goodies' giant kitten pushing over the Post Office Tower.

    There's an odd moment in that first Pertwee one, where we see a shot of the plastics factory incongrously accompanied by a snatch of Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac.

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