MIKE + THE MECHANICS - Favorite album poll

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    Which are your favorite Mike + The Mechanics albums? Pick up to three 21

    1. Living Years (1988) (12) 57%
    2. Mike + The Mechanics (1985) (11) 52%
    3. Beggar On A Beach Of Gold (1995) (10) 48%
    4. Rewired (2004) (7) 33%
    5. M6 (1999) (6) 29%
    6. Let Me Fly (2017) (4) 19%
    7. Word Of Mouth (1991) (2) 10%
    8. The Road (2011) (2) 10%
    9. Out Of The Blue (2019) (0) 0%

    Mike + The Mechanics have released nine studio albums so far

    which albums are your favorite? choose up to three.

  • Tricky

    I like their first one. Beggar is probably their best album and I have also picked Rewired, it’s a very different and for me enjoyable album!

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • My favorite album is "Beggar"

    I also like "Rewired" - there are a couple of interesting tunes on that one, like "Falling" or "How Can I"

    Then "Let Me Fly", cause I think they really had a lot of good quality tunes on this one.

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    So, 25 year since BEGGAR ON A BEACH OF GOLD was released (6th March)

    Our review from back then:


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  • Beggar is my favorite

    my other two may seem odd choices, but ...

    Rewired: It was different, but it was so bloody good

    Let me fly: I like the overall feeling of that one!

    some are wise ... and some otherwise

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  • The first one is easily my favorite by a pretty wide margin.

    I went for the first three, but Word of Mouth and Beggar on a Beach of Gold could switch places depending on mood. That said, I haven't listened to Beggar start to finish in a long while, maybe I should...

  • Sorry guys and gals. Not a huge fan of Mike solo works. Beggars was an album recommended to me by fans of his. I have most of his stuff and played 6 of his albums and got bored.

    I do respect a lot Mike's musical talent, but his solo band is not my cup of tea, Im afraid!... :(

  • I think Beggar is a great album, 1995 was a special year personally for me so each track brings back lots of memories. So much better than Word of Mouth, that is such a weak album. I hope the band get to do a delayed 25-year anniversary tour for Beggar at some point.

    "I'm feeling so confused today
    They've gone and changed the rules again,,,"

  • I gave The Road a fresh listen the other day. Apparently there are some great track on that record, i.e. I Don't Do Love and Heaven Doesn't Care

    some are wise ... and some otherwise

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    In a way, it's Rewired that impresses me the most. I like the two instrumentals on that record.