THE MUSICAL BOX performs The Lamb Lies Down Broadway - Tour dates 2022 / 2023

  • True, though I must admit the emphasis on Philly reminds me of the part in the movie Spinal Tap when things are beginning to fall apart for the band and they hang their hat on Philadelphia: “Now Philly, there’s a real rock and roll town” 😂

    Even better was when their manager informs them that the Boston gig was canceled; he, of course, wrongly reassures them that Boston is “not a college town”. :D

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  • The Scandinavian shows we had on our tour dates list for a while as "tbc" have now been confirmed (Helsinki, Malmö, Oslo) for the end of this year:…2023-tour-dates-s769.html




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  • The long-hoped-for dates at the Keswick Theater near Philadelphia have been announced: May 5-6, 2023.

    Yes, I just got my ticket this morning for the Saturday show (i.e., the 6th).

    I’m getting the intuitive impression that these may be the very last two shows for their “retirement tour” for The Lamb. If so, then the delay was certainly worth it. (I just wish I had known that they wouldn’t be coming here in 2022; I would have gotten myself a better ticket for the NYC show this past June! 😄)

    So, both shows that I have tickets for so far in 2023 are for Genesis tribute acts: The Genesis Show in January, and TMB in May. I’m sure Steve Hackett will be here again in 2023, and of course I will see him again as well. I must be a Genesis fan. 🤷‍♂️😄

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  • Ok - starting in April next year and ending in June, TMB is having one final leg of the full Lamb show. The updated dates are here:

    I can add two more dates because I got a separate email about them - apparently, the very final two complete Lamb performances ever will be in NYC and literally on Broadway. They will be at the same place (The Palladium) at which they performed back in June of this year. They will be on the 16th and 17th of June, 2023. If you want to see the finale of TMB performing the Lamb in full, this is it!

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  • Not sure I am going this time. Saw this show a couple of times when they toured with it last time. For those who have not seen this show yes: GO! You won't regret it!


  • Should my job commitments allow to see a show, I will do so early next year. Have seen them many times and it's always a great experience. Especially The Lamb!!!

  • I've got tickets despite seeing them perform the Lamb show two or three times previously. I think it's the right time to call it a day on this material because time waits for no man and the Lamb show requires a lot of youthful energy, particularly from "Peter".

    However, I'd still like to see another of their "Night of Genesis" shows featuring their favourite tracks. Apart from the very first time I saw them perform Selling England at the Royal Albert Hall, this was the one I enjoyed most.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “THE MUSICAL BOX performs The Lamb Lies Down Broadway - Tour dates 2022” to “THE MUSICAL BOX performs The Lamb Lies Down Broadway - Tour dates 2022 / 2023”.
  • Went to see the show last evening at the Lovely York Barbican, first rate performance’s from all members of the group. The vocalist’s theatrics and interpretation of the songs visually was absolutely fantastic. Beyond my wildest dreams seeing the show performed that well and with such conviction. The drummers background vocals were also wonderful. Well done Musical box!!. Although I’ve seen them before at the same venue three years ago to the week this show really was special for me and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    and the encore of WOTS made my hair stand up like it does when I hear it on Three Sides Live.

    Wish I could go again as it’s really not to be missed.

  • Great stuff.

    I've seen them do The Lamb before and it's wonderful. I'm off to Manchester and Birmingham in the next couple of weeks, and I'm very excited.

  • Fantastic at York - an unbelievable experience. The visuals and lighting for 1975 shows why Genesis were a great live band. Masterful performances by all of The Musical Box - will certainly join them for SEBTP next year.

  • Great show in Manchester last night - I could have done with the vocals a bit louder, but that's about it.

    It's hard to imagine anyone is ever going to put on a better recreation of the The Lamb tour than this.

    Encores were...