Genesis: "Lamb"-Boxset ahead?

  • The Shrine isn't missing the last part, its been on bootleg a fraction longer than the official release.

    Were the bootlegs from the same multitrack source as Archive 1? If so, why go to the trouble of remixing the studio track and also not include the encore? I'm not doubting, I'm just generally ignorant about a lot of these kinds of details.

  • There was a bootleg boxset titled from One Fan To All The Others, that had a full IT on it.

    Comparison LAMB

    But just for the avoidance of doubt, Wolfgangs Vault home of the collection of Billy Graham (famous promoter in America). Contains a full IT supposedly from the Shrine show.


    Whether it's a multi track or a stereo master we are not sure.

    But it's certainly evidence for any possible research.


  • I listen to the Wolfgang's Vault version of the Lamb more than Archive 1 just because it has Gabriel's original vocals and no overdubs. I wonder if the band's recording from Archive 1 was from their own recording desk and not Billy Grahams?

  • I'm listening to the unfurnished bootleg of The Shrine show now and what's really nice about it is at the end of the concert you can now hear just how well received the show was by the audience. I remember when I first heard the performance as it was presented on the Archive box set, I could hear a lot of chatter and firecrackers going off, all of which gave the impression that the crowd really was that into it. Presumably by the time the band reached Los Angeles, word had spread about the kind of show they were putting on and perhaps the fans were becoming more familiar with the new material.

  • if you have the actual show. Cam you tell me did peter give the last part of the story or was it just not told that night

    hella LA

    Our hero named Rael. Start lamb lies down

    leads into a chamber with 32 other doors only one of which cam get any of them out. Start back in new york city

    then their is a third pat before lillywhite lillith starts. Archive doesnt have it

    did he not tell it that night?

  • Yes, he told the third part of the story. For some reason, on the bootleg I'm listening to, it's split into two separate tracks, with the second part coming between Anyway and The Supernatural Anaesthetist. Also, there's a bit missing so the story goes from the story of Rael's encounter with Lilith and then resumes with the line "those of you familiar with the afflictions of drummers..."

    I must say Gabriel sounds in good form when he's telling these stories at this show. For most of the tour, his delivery is stilted and unsure so it's good to hear him responding to the positive vibes from the audience here.

  • so is their a reason it eas left off the archive box set? Time??

    The official reason quoted at the time was that the tape ran out on the night.


    There is a church bell

    That rings on the hour

    Filling the streets

    Stopping the world awhile

  • The official reason quoted at the time was that the tape ran out on the night.

    If that's true, I can imagine the scenario... The recording engineer, being told the album was 90 minutes long, brings with him "plenty" of tape to record the show. Then, during the show, realizes to his horror that the singer's between song talk is awfully long... :P

  • Its been over 20 years since the lamb live came out in archive. I don't follow tech to close i wonder if with todays tech they could restore one if not parts of shows and give us a full live lamb now. Instead of over dubs. If u want to do an over dub just remake the lamb whole. Listening to IT was a miserable experience with that fad out. I wanted to here the thunderous explosion and imagine the strobe going and imagining 2 peters/raels. And that was spat on with that remake lol. Not saying i didn't like the remake but not for a live show and live shows don't fade on a song the song ends the audience goes nuts and then it fades. What a muck up lol.