What movie have you watched?

  • Watched "Searching" last night, it's available on streaming sites, a superb film with 2 interesting twists:

    1/ everything you see is on a screen, either a computer, CCTV or TV. Not the first to do this, I believe, but very effectively done.

    2/ Sorry, you'll have to watch it for the second twist. It'd spoil it if I told you. ;)


    There is a church bell

    That rings on the hour

    Filling the streets

    Stopping the world awhile

  • Have been binge watching Star Trek . So far first 7 films.

    For a change have really enjoyed The Favourite.

    I really like the recent three Star Trek films. Of the older ones First Contact is great and the other TNG ones are good.

    I really liked The Favourite too. At times it was grotesque and there's rather more puking than I care to see but it was overall really engrossing and probably Rachel Weisz's career best performance. Everyone in it is good.

    That rabbits sequence at the end.... That was strange, weirdly unsettling and quite bold. An odd and unconventional way to close a film. I thought the use of Skyline Pigeon for the end credits worked really well.

    I'm going to switch into shallow mode and say that a film with both Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone will always be a must-see. I mean, you know, because - ahem, they're both so, ah, talented (and of course they are).

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  • Saw the latest film version of “Emma” a fortnight ago, directed by the music video director Autumn de Wilde. Surprisingly it was excellent, a real contrast to all the ghastly woke rehashes of classic novels that the BBC have inflicted on viewers recently.

    Why were you so surprised Emma was excellent, and which "woke" BBC adaptations do you mean?

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  • Is it really 6 months since we posted in this thread?!

    My local arts centre has just re-opened its cinemas and cafe so it was a genuine pleasure to be able to go back in there last week, enjoy a coffee and see two films for the first time in over 7 months.

    I saw the documentary White Riot, about the Rock Against Racism movement that started in the late 1970s. It was part nostalgic but also unpleasant to be reminded of the odious and repulsive National Front scum who openly campaigned for the enforced removal of ethnic minorities. It also made me think about how those attitudes, which I thought had largely gone, are now in the air again and I suppose they never really went away but now have more breathing space. But for its not always being a comfortable watch it was overall an enjoyable and well-made film with some good archive work.

    I then saw the latest Christopher Nolan film Tenet. I'd heard that many who've seen it found it baffling and difficult to fathom. I understood and quite liked the underlying concept of it, but struggled with some of the actual detail of the action. As you'd expect though it looks great and has some spectacular moments. But I'm not sure what I actually took away from it. It's like it's left very little impression on me. I feel that Nolan has expended all his energy on constructing a complex twisty-turny plot that is in many ways impressive, while forgetting to invest anything in emotion or character. I can't say more without spoilers and if you're thinking of seeing it it'd be best to avoid reading up on it. It's tense and exciting at times, on balance worth seeing.

    Today I'm off to see Saint Maud, about a carer who has a somewhat skewed agenda when it comes to looking after her patient.

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  • Today I'm off to see Saint Maud, about a carer who has a somewhat skewed agenda when it comes to looking after her patient.

    This was excellent, if extremely unpleasant at times, and quite creepy. It starts with a rather intense young woman Maud beginning a new job as a private carer for a terminally ill former dancer. Maud takes her job very seriously which then takes on a disturbing aspect.

    It's not exactly laugh-a-minute but is very compelling in a grim sort of way. And it's very well-made, with good performances. Worth seeing but for the squeamish I'd say, approach with caution.

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  • I know this isn't strictly speaking about what films we've seen but it's film-related.

    Clearing out old files, papers etc and came across a Film Synopsis Generator that I made about 20 years ago.

    Generate your own one by choosing 4 numbers between 1 and 14 (you can repeat numbers if you like) and one number from 1 to 3. I'll let you know your film synopsis to pitch to a studio exec.

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