New to me - "new" bands and music

  • Though I had heard bits and pieces of St. Vincent in recent years, I finally got her album Masseduction and have really enjoyed it. Off-kilter pop with all kinds of emotional shades.

    I'm a big fan, yes absolutely right about being off-kilter, which really appeals to me.

    Two more for me -

    Ela Minus - here's Dominique

    The Staves (here's their video for Satisfied)

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  • I just heard a track I absolutely love on the Amy Lamé show on BBC6Music, Faceshopping by SOPHIE. I then looked it up, discovering that SOPHIE was a producer/musician who'd worked with a range of artists as well as doing two albums, and died in a fall a few weeks ago at the tragically young age of 34. 😟

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  • I just heard this and really enjoyed it. Black Country New Road are a fairly new London-based band from what I read. The voice reminds me a bit of Scott Walker with perhaps a teaspoon of Lloyd Cole. This is a new song by them, Track X.

    Also heard today, Cain's Heresy by The Lounge Society, another English new band, from Yorkshire. I liked the energy and the guitar sound on this. It made me think of some of the late 70s new wave stuff I remember fondly from school days.

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