Re-arrange Genesis albums

  • Excellent description of something that could have been awkward to describe! Not sure if that was me regarding the verse (probably not), but I can definitely hear his vocal as he is doing what we used to call "seconds" in school, and it's high in the mix, surely the most prominent he's been on a Genesis track. Being around the time of The Fugitive, he was clearly willing to wade in vocally. That said, although I don't have a source to hand, I'm pretty sure Phil tried to get Tony to sing the main vocal on the album, and Mike to sing Just a Job To Do, but they didn't go for it.

    Would have made what is already one of the stranger album sides in Genesis' ouevre even more odd!

    Would love if they had tried it out live.

  • I read (many years ago) that the term "silver rainbow" was Tonyspeak for a zipper. If so, it makes sense.

    I suppose it does but I always assumed it was an elegant description of the physical result of a male orgasm.

    Abandon all reason

  • You have inspired me to make my own version of Invisible Touch. However mine is an extended CD version that also utilizes live recordings and covers to present these songs in what I consider to be the best possible light:

    1. Land Of Confusion

    2. In Too Deep (Martin Levac trio - A Visible Jazz Touch of Genesis vol 3)

    3. Do The Neurotic (outtake)

    4. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (single version)

    5. Invisible Touch (The Way We Walk: the shorts)

    6. Feeding the Fire (outtake)

    7. Anything She Does

    8. Domino (Wembly 1987)

    9. I’d Rather Be You (outtake)

    10. Throwing It All Away (Wembly 1987)

    11. The Brazilian (Wembly 1987)

    Mike Rutherford has mentioned that despite “Invisible Touch” being their poppiest album that their live show remained more evenly distributed between long and short songs. Thus I tried to make this CD resemble the flow of their live show. Think of this as Genesis’s take of Bruce Springsteen’s “The River” (a double album meant to use new compositions to capture the energy of his live performances). I open with the studio version of “Land Of Confusion” and follow it up with the Martin Levac Trio’s cover of “In Too Deep”. For a long time I hated “In Too Deep” which I viewed as overly corny. This changed a few years ago when I saw Daryl Stuermer perform a spellbinding rendition of the song with an orchestra. Unfortunately I don’t think he ever recorded it. Luckily, IMO Martin Levac’s low key Jazz arrangement of In Too Deep is the song’s definitive version AND Levac sounds just like Phil! No more covers going forward, I promise. I follow this up with “In Too Deep’s” B-side (in the UK that is) “Do The Neurotic” which reminds listeners that Genesis could still write a kickass prog instrumental. Now, I have a feeling this is a real unpopular opinion in these parts but I prefer the single version of “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”. The instrumental parts of TTT are too jammy and just don’t move me. Next is the live version of “Invisible Touch” from “The Way We Walk: the shorts”. Here’s something odd I can’t fully explain: I hate the original version of “Invisible Touch” but I love this live version of the track largely because it’s in a lower key. Usually when Genesis lowers a song’s key live it hurts the track but here I think it improves it. The original version just sounded too obnoxious and in-your-face to me (which is also due to the song’s production but I do think the higher key contributes.) I would be interested if anyone here who knows music better than me could weigh in on if changing a song’s key can radially change a song and/or justify why I feel this way about IT. For the rest of the tracks I just tried to create a good flow. Additionally any song that was performed at the 1987 Wembly gig uses that live version. Domino in particular was just spectacular that night!

  • I follow this up with “In Too Deep’s” B-side (in the UK that is) “Do The Neurotic” which reminds listeners that Genesis could still write a kickass prog instrumental.

    Why the outtake version, what is the difference between it and the original, and is it on an official release? Thanks.