27, 28 September | Genesis live in LEEDS | reports **SPOILERS**

  • Just managed to buy two tickets 30 mins ago to see tonight’s show as well - can’t wait. Same seating area as well on my way to the Leeds Arena now

  • The Arena in Leeds seems to be in a similar shape to Dublin's 3Arena

    Hydro in Glasgow is another round venue but a lot different to Leeds/3Arena as the standing area is a lot bigger thus allowing larger stage productions

  • I'd have politely told those two guys standing at the barrier, blocking people's view, to piss off.

    In the States, the floor stands up. I was surprised at the videos so far showing the first 20 rows sitting down. If you want to sit down, you get balcony seats.


  • Quick impressions having seen the show last night. Loved it. Had tried to avoid spoilers beforehand but failed miserably by buying the CD and then seeing the documentary on Youtube (which then offered up spoilery clips of the shows themselves even if I only saw the titles). Mind you, could have been worse, could have bought (or seen someone wearing) the setlist t-shirt!

    Did have slight concerns about Phil's voice as the show started but he improved as the show went on. I have also seen it said, possibly here and elsewhere, that acclimatising to how his voice sounds now also helps. I would agree with this. The backing singers were unobstrusive and helped fill out the vocals and hold some longer notes where needed. Phil was in great form though and held the audience in the palm of his hand.

    Having only seen them live once before on the 2007 tour I was happy with the additions this tour added. I thought the acoustic section was brilliant. Going off of the CD I had wondered if Fading Lights, The Cinema Show and Afterglow would be offered up as a new kind of medley. I like the idea but I'm not sure the transitions totally worked. Maybe could used some of the Fading Lights instrumental before seguing into Cinema Show.

    While everyone on stage performed well and the sound was great (even right up the top where I was sat) there's no question that the MVP award goes to the 'boy wonder' Nic Collins. I had read good things about his playing but it was still even better than I was expecting. Probably quite rightly deserved one of the biggest cheers of the night. Of course without him there would likely be no tour.

    If this is the end - which also seems likely - then I think this is a nice way for the band to bow out.

  • yes, from what i have seen Nic looks to be right in the groove. Looking forward to London shows....Duchess should be real highlight for me as one of my favs...although nothing from Trick or Abacab seems slightly at odds...but plenty of other classics included

  • Crowd seemed a little dead though compared to Birmingham and Manchester participations

  • Based on what I have heard from several people who saw multiple shows, Phil's voice gets better and yesterday's show in Leeds was his best so far.

    That would also be nice if his back spine would also improve :-) But it's just wishful thinking.

  • We have added the FULL SHOW to our YouTube Channel

    Phil still struggling with TTT in terms of he cannot remember the words, but at least he got the reading words and timing in sync on this one and couple of other show's compared to the opening show's.