David Longdon (Big Big Train) is dead

  • David Longdon

    17th June 1965 - 20th November 2021

    Big Big Train are extremely saddened to announce the death of David Longdon this afternoon in hospital in Nottingham, UK at the age of 56 following an accident in the early hours of Friday morning. He is survived by his two daughters Amelia and Eloise, his mother Vera and his partner Sarah Ewing.

    I saw this and my first thought was, it couldn't be true.

    Devastating news.

  • This news made me sad. Watching him sing Spectral Mornings made me cry. ;(

  • I am devastated by David Longdon's untimely death. Such a pleasure to see him perform. Do yourself a favor and check out any of their live DVDs or videos on YouTube. RIP dear soul :(

  • Just heard the news. What a terrible loss. I like a lot of their music and he was a wonderful singer. :'(

    R.I.P. David, Big Big Train won't be the same without you. :'(

  • I met David in 2018, when Big Big Train were headliner during the Night Of The Prog Festival. I was part of the crew then and had some nice chats with him. When I told him I was also responsible for the German Genesis Fanclub, he joked that he probably should be careful talking about the 96 Genesis audition ;)

    But in fact we talked more about the Sprectral Mornings rerecording, which was far more relevant to me at the time.

    His death really made me think ... and brought back unpleasant memories. My best friend died a few years ago during a plane crash.

    Enjoy your lives as much as you can. Can be over any time.

  • Oh no! Such a terrible loss. R.I.P.

    Wasn't aware of the AP connection and this track! Thanks for posting as well :thumbup:

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • Wow!, such sad news indeed!!!!...RIP David Longdon.:(

    I am a BBT fan

  • Very sorry for this loss at such an early age, too young to go.

    And I did not know that a vocal version of Spectral Mornings existed! Thanks for sharing.

    Absolutely masterful!