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    GENESIS - Paperlate
    Year: 1982
    Album: Three Sides Live / 3x3 EP
    Working title:
    Credits: Banks/Collins/Rutherford
    Lyrics: Yes
    Length: 3:16
    Musicians: Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, The Phoenix Horns
    Played live: 1982
    Cover versions:


    Notes: Released on an EP, Paperlate became a veritable chart success. The title refers to a line from Dancing with the Moonlit Knight ("Paper late, cried a voice in the crowd"). Similar to No Reply At All, horns were also used on this track. A fact that one tends to associate with Phil Collins solo. That's why the song is unpopular with many... or...? ??




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  • Still got the picture disc somewhere . Good song for me which was very much their sound at the time, but maybe they didn't think strong enough for the album....for me, the real winner is You Might Recall, but save that for another Totw!

  • I've always liked this a lot. It has a great feel and movement and I really like the typically Banksy shifting piano line under "It's too easy to live like clockwork..." Yes the song is upbeat, poppy and has the brass but bits like that slightly askew piano line distinguish it and underline that this is Genesis (see also No Reply). When some fans complain about them "becoming a pop band", as happens on this board, apart from the general absurdity of that viewpoint I'm reminded of songs like this - no doubt the sort of thing they're referring to - and how they brought a touch of sophistication to them that was entirely their own.

    I don't remember the pic disc but did have the picture sleeve aping the Beatles. Some people I was at school with took it completely seriously and complained about it being a rip-off, not spotting it was an affectionate homage.

    I remember hearing a few years back the full studio version, ie coming to its complete end, not fading out, and much preferred it. I thought they overused fadeouts.

    Abandon all reason

  • Yes, a good track, nice, upbeat mood with a bit of class shot through. The drumming is a highlight for me and I liked the involvement of Earth, Wind and Fire. I agree about the keyboards, it’s what makes it sound like Genesis as opposed to Phil. Not quite as punchy as No Reply so I thought the EP was the ideal place for it. Good to see them Top of the Pops as well, with Phil drumming and miming singing.

  • I'm also a big fan of the track. It packs a lot into it's three minutes, managing to go from maniacally upbeat to the "maybe deep down inside..." bit that's more ponderous. Band is on top form and I like the horns, I think they're well integrated. It's a tight, punchy track where it feels like it all comes together. Not a masterpiece, but Genesis of the time doing what they did very well, and a nice counterpoint to the likes of Evidence of Autumn and HBTS.

    Edit: haha I mixed it up with No Reply At All. I meant the "are you breathing faster..." bit.

  • 10 points.

    PC says that the song was born during the soundcheck, probably by DWTMK.

    Let's say, it was the time that anything that they touched turned to gold! 8)

  • 12 for me - I'm always glad to hear it. When it came out I was in 6th form and some of my mates took the mickey because they were accusing Genesis of becoming a soul band.

    I find it a bit flimsy in terms of emotional impact, although I love the energy of it.

    For me, it pales into insignificance against the magnificent You Might Recall.

  • For me, it pales into insignificance against the adequate You Might Recall.

    We're on the same road, just different parts. Horns are probably the best bit of it, though I suspect that was just to satisfy Phil, I'm sure Tony could've done the sound adequately on a keyboard, if he'd wanted to. 5 from me.


    Putting the old-fashioned Staffordshire plate in the dishwasher!

  • I seriously doubt this is how they worked.

    That said, I remember Banks saying he needed convincing about the horns and initially argued for doing horn parts himself, citing Behind The Lines as suitably 'fanfare' like for example. An indication he didn't always get his way.

    Abandon all reason

  • That said, I remember Banks saying he needed convincing about the horns and initially argued for doing horn parts himself, citing Behind The Lines as suitably 'fanfare' like for example. An indication he didn't always get his way.

    Interesting! I never knew that.

  • Nice pop song with nice Tony chords. Always preferred this to No Reply At All.

    Interesting thing about Tony vs. horns. Tony ended up using real brass on Throwback (on Bankstatement, 1989) but he would still lay keyboard horns on top. All his later efforts to use keyboard brass sounds are definitely unconvincing imho. Small Talk, anybody?

  • A 9 from me

    It's ok, but I will probably never get used to horns in a Genesis song.

    Here's a intersting TV appearance (Germany, and no horns on stage)

    ... make tomorrow today!