PETER GABRIEL: i/o released! Did you order/buy it?

  • Hello:

    I am very happy about the good reception of i/o in the various countries where it has been published.

    Reaching and staying at the top of the charts is great news.

    I am preparing a review of i/0 for the blog ROCK THE BEST MUSIC (in Spanish).

    On a first listen I find the first 9 songs to be hopeful and optimistic and the last three are non-negative but their tone is paler.

    The instrumentation is perfect and the collaborators are wide and diverse.

    In Spain as I think I said it is the album of the month for two magazines.

    I'm waiting for an interview in a Spanish newspaper or magazine.

    I can't compare it with other PG albums like US and UP. It is a very personal album, intimate and committed to today's world.

  • My wife got the vinyl Bright-Side version for me, but as a Christmas present! So I have to wait two more weeks until I can finally listen to the album as a whole...But that's ok-I'll be that much more excited!

    I really want to hear the Inside Mixes...I may end up getting the CD version at some point too I guess.

  • Well, 11 days later...still waiting on the Burning Shed delivery. It took almost two weeks for the package to make it's way from the UK to America, and now it's stuck in customs for an open-ended amount of time. Maybe I'll get it by Christmas?

    I wanted to support the independent store for artists, but I don't think I'll ever use them again. My friends who bought direct from Real World also had them shipped from England and they've had them for over a week. Ah well...thank god for the Bandcamp subscription.

  • I finally have been able to sit and give my Bright Side vinyl version a true listen. I had stopped listening to all songs from i/o for about a month before I got the album, in an effort to "keep them fresh." The songs sound even more amazing than I remember! On this vinyl format the songs are much richer, warmer and better balanced from high to low than when I'd listen to my mp3 versions in my car (which is up to this point the only way I've heard them).

    Love can Heal is more haunting; Olive Tree has more of a thumping drive to it; And Still sounds so much more balanced and downright beautiful; and Live and Let Live is even more epic sounding than ever!

    I have almost all of PG's albums now, on half-speed remastered vinyl. They ALL are amongst the best sounding records I have - and now i/o is no different.

    Apart from that, it's just SO nice to finally have the whole album in hand, to experience in full in the comfort of my family room...

  • I didn't want to rush-purchase it for similar reasons to BillysNumber Having heard the monthly releases and been to two of the gigs I felt I needed some distance. Last week I bought the cd set with the 3 mixes, and don't intend to sit down and properly listen to it until next week when I think it'll feel more fresh. I'm starting with the darksides as I hadn't heard all of those and liked the ones I did hear best.

    Abandon all reason

  • Now that it's been a few weeks into January, and i/o has been out for more than a month...I feel it's reasonable now to start wondering, will there be anything further to come during 2024 full moons? We didn't see anything in December's full moon, which was right after Christmas (so, understandable). January's full moon is only about a week away.

    Just wondering if PG will decide to follow thru on what he speculated on regarding continuing to release songs that didn't make it on the album...I'd love to see a release of What Lies Ahead!

    If he IS going to do the full moon thing, it would really only make sense to do it from the start of the year. Seems kind that he would just pick random full moons across the year to announce/release things. But I can speculate till the cows come the end of the day they can do what they like I guess LOL!

  • Well, what he said (already in 2023) is that he wants to have a break from all that and spend time with his familiy and then come back with new music.

    From what we know from Real World is that they want to fill the gap inbetween with music releases from the archive. I must admit that I wasn't very happy with the december offer for subscribers and there was nothing for the January new moon. In my opinion this is not 3 £ worth.

    We already have contacted Real World to discuss this.

    Beside that it seems that Peter wants to come up with new music this year and maybe it will again be something with the dimension of a whole album. Or at least an EP...

  • He did the same thing after Up and...

    I was thinking the exact same thing. Have been listening to io a lot and it's grown hugely on me. I hope if he has another few tracks from the same sessions he pushes on and gets at least an EP or something out of it.

  • I do recall him saying he wanted a break, but I thought in that statement he was referring to touring. I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that's what he was talking about.

    To be fair PG did also mention that he may just continue to release songs each full moon as a way of allowing his remaining songs from these sessions to see the light of day (which is what I was drawing from in my post).

    I acknowledge all that is really just Peter more or less talking over possibilities so I'm not holding anybody to anything-just wondering what we're going to see next. If that DOES mean a new album, then that would be fantastic! But as Ben mentioned, he said the same thing once Up came I guess what's coming next is anyone's guess-but I agree he's definitely earned some time away and with his fam, that's for sure!

  • Over the past few weeks, it was out of stock in several places (either the 2CD or the Blu-ray package). A bit strange as it looks like they didn't expect it to be that successful?

    I must be crazy, but now I have also ordered the boxset ... =O:rolleyes:

    Yes, we are fans and an easy victim ;)

    some are wise ... and some otherwise

  • I ordered the boxset from my local record shop last week. £110 which I thought pretty good. £123 on Amazon, £136 Real World (plus postage)

    sounds like a good deal. I would be interested in the book, but I have zero interest in vinyl, so not for me this time...




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  • sounds like a good deal. I would be interested in the book, but I have zero interest in vinyl, so not for me this time...

    Problem is being born in 1960, I'm addicted to vinyl, it's always had it's claws in me, I blame my dad! My LPs are my memories, I could probably tell you where I bought every LP I have, funny thing is my wife sort of glazes over when I try to tell her.........