PETER GABRIEL | The Making Of I/O (or any new album) - website special

  • I don't think Peter would like to record another LP. He seems to not achieve (lyrics...) some song that he written so long ago. So an LP ? What a joke. Once again, Peter needs a new team and an agressive producer like Bob Ezrin if he wants to finish one of his different project.

  • I don't think it will still be called I/O. And actually I don't really care anymore what it will be called, he just needs to release a bloody new record with new music. :)

    Totally agree. peter is so creative, it's a shame he has created so little lately. Up is one of my favorite albums, and I was so excited that I/O was going to come out later that year or the next....

  • Is there any evidence the album will still be called I/O?

    I suppose it depends on whether it's a concept album about one of Jupiter's moons! ^^


    There is a church bell

    That rings on the hour

    Filling the streets

    Stopping the world awhile

  • 71, multi millionaire - the last thing I'd be doing would be work or trying to please strangers.

    Depends how much you like what you do, really. I'm reminded of something Stephen king said once, that he retired after he published his third or fourth book (roughly something like that). The point being he didn't have to work anymore, writing became a hobby instead of a job.

    Be sweet if people paid me millions to read, listen to music and veg out in front of the laptop.

  • 71, multi millionaire - the last thing I'd be doing would be work or trying to please strangers.

    you’ve got a point here - but then again, he always did stuff and worked on things we never would have guessed. I also think he wouldn’t do a real concept album like The Lamb, but I am also sure that a new album, if there is one, will not just be a collection of tracks

  • anyone noticed both Phil and Peter have released their last album (not talking bout soundtracks etc) with new music in 2002?


    But a new Collins album seems more unlikely than a new Gabriel record. At least we know that Gabriel has been working on new stuff for years ...