I love Kate Bush!

  • As on a genesis forum a tough one, but i think i can honestly say that HOL is one of my favourite albums and has been with me for so long. Clousbusting never fails to make me smile and the 9th wave is a work of art....but that is just my humble opinion

  • Also not a fan of Kanye's! Though I used him as a convenience in another thread as someone else had already brought him up in that thread.

    I have a vague memory of listening to an album of his about 15 years ago, but it's possible it's another artist I'm thinking of. Whatever album it was, it had a couple of interesting dark EDM type songs but clearly it wasn't enough to suck me in.

    I found it! It was a Kanye album, 808s and Heartbreak. I had a quick listen and there's one track on it I remember from before, Welcome to Heartbreak that had the dark atmosphere I was talking about. However, most of the tracks have the vocals all vocodorized or whatever you call it and it's pretty awful.

    On topic, I still haven't explored Kate Bush's catalogue as much as I'd want, but I love the Meg Myers cover of Running up the Hill I posted above. Placebo who I also like, also did one but it wasn't as good.

  • I think her creative peak go goes from TKI to 5WFS though a dip with Lionheart. I saw the show and it was the perfect set list . Everyone there cared not a jot that so few hits were played in fact is made the show better. My personal favourite tends to be TSW and nothing from that was played live but I really didn't care as everything she does is just wonderful.

  • I LOVE Kate Bush! Brilliant, well-spoken, creative as hell, unique, and gotta say sexy as HELL. I have a serious thing for that woman. She’s breathtaking. She was so great collaborating with PG! I love her first album the most. Man with the Child in his Eyes is my favorite tune.

    The Man With The Child In Eyes! Now there's a song! One of my favourites. Though I can't make it out. Creepy or innocent? Love song about a man looking at child . KB? Or man that has a child within himself. Written when she 13! What hell is about? I tend to think innocent as I don't think a 13 year old girl would refer to herself as a child when talking about a man she has a crush on. ( Sleeps with or imagines she does!) Though it still feels creepy, a little chilling .