Your Favorite Band Outside of Genesis

  • Which is your favorite band outside of the world of Genesis? Mine is Marillion.

    I never would have guessed from your site ID ;)^^ (Actually, I did guess it as soon as I saw it.)

    U2 is my co-favorite with Genesis. They are the two bands I would do just about anything to hear play live, and I listen to the music of both all the time.

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  • The Beatles, Dire Straits & Led Zeppelin.

    ...and these three bands are just a half a step behind U2 and Genesis in my personal rankings.

    I’m still hoping in vain for a Dire Straits reunion tour, but that will happen at the same time as a Talking Heads reunion, i.e., on the 12th of Never...

    Still, I’m very happy that Dire Straits is finally in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame now. They deserved to be in about 15-20 years ago, but better late than never.

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • The Beatles come top of the pile, then jostling about on the next level down along with Genesis are Radiohead, XTC, Magazine, King Crimson, Bowie, PG, Madonna (hopefully no-one will be picky enough to point out the last three aren't bands).

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  • I like hundreds of bands, but there are a few that hit a special nerve. Sometimes it felt as if they'd made music especially for me:

    Beach Boys


    Jethro Tull



    The Beatles

    I'll add for sheer talent and professionalism. ;)

  • There are five other bands whose output I have fairly complete collections of (including non-album tracks, etc.), at least from certain time periods:

    Chicago (thru 1980)

    The Doobie Brothers (thru 2004)

    The Moody Blues (1967-1973)

    Renaissance (thru 1987)

    Traffic (all periods)

    There's at least a couple there that are unlikely selections for a Genesis fan, but I just "knew what I liked" back in the '70s when my musical tastes were being formed.

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  • For years I would have said TFK, but now, my second favourite, through sheer consistency, has to be Pendragon. Love everything they've done, and while Nick Barrett isn't a great singer, he's certainly distinctive, and his guitar playing and songwriting are right up there with the best. Though I love lots of bands, if I could only listen to three bands on a desert island, two of them would be Genesis and Pendragon. (As for the third....not sure yet - TFK, Spocks Beard, IQ, Gacharic Spin, Yes, they'd all be in the running....;) )

  • The Flower Kings and Pendragon are definitely spinning around the core of my favourites very closely....

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  • Tough to say really. Would be either the EELS or PREFAB SPROUT - completely different bands, but that's what fascinates me in music ...

    Used to be PINK FLOYD for a long time ...

    Very interesting picks. Love The Eels but can only handle the dark material for short periods of time. Prefab Sprout totally different but equally brilliant.