Carpet Crawlers 99 - Question

  • well, the commercial failure was limited to North America. Even Phil was losing ground there with Both Sides and after that.
    CAS deserved a follow up, Ray had a contract for two albums. They obviously did everything to make this period disappear (see Sum of the parts), so it’s no wonder they didn’t want Ray in this recording. This was just after the CAS tour ...

    Totally agree CAS should have had a follow up. Many follow ups! They were still in their 40s, there really was no impediment other than ego (and only Mike's ego at that).

  • If I remember correctly, this version was done around the time of the first archive set. Peter did some new vocals for that as well and I think CC99 was initially a bonus track on archive one (which of course didn’t happen then). If so, I assume the idea to include Ray didn’t make much sense in this context. So that just have come up later then.

    dies anybody know WHEN Peter and Phil have recorded new vocals for CC99?


  • If I remember correctly - work on Archive 1 started in the mid 90ies, so before Phil’s official departure. So, if this was meant to be on Archive 1, it’s logical that recordings took place in 95/96?

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