Which shows of THE LAST DOMINO? USA / Canada leg 2021 will you see?

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    GENESIS - Which shows of THE LAST DOMINO? USA / Canada leg of this tour will you see? 44

    1. I won't attend any of these shows (8) 18%
    2. 15/11 - CHICAGO, IL (6) 14%
    3. 05/12 - NEW YORK CITY, NY (6) 14%
    4. 15/12 - BOSTON, MA (5) 11%
    5. 20/11 - CHARLOTTE, NC (5) 11%
    6. 02/12 - PHILADELPHIA, PA (5) 11%
    7. 25/11 - TORONTO, ON (3) 7%
    8. 17/11 - CHICAGO, IL (3) 7%
    9. 10/12 - BELMONT PARK, NY (3) 7%
    10. 26/11 - TORONTO (2) 5%
    11. 06/12 - NEW YORK CITY, NY (2) 5%
    12. 23/11 - MONTREAL, QC (2) 5%
    13. 16/12 - BOSTON (2) 5%
    14. 18/11 - WASHINGTON, DC (2) 5%
    15. 29/11 - DETROIT, MI (2) 5%
    16. 27/11 - BUFFALO, NY (2) 5%
    17. 22/11 - MONTREAL, QC (2) 5%
    18. 13/12 - PITTSBURG, PA (1) 2%
    19. 30/11 - CLEVELAND, OH (1) 2%
    20. 08/12 - COLUMBUS, OH (0) 0%

    So, now that American tour dates have also been announced, we are of course curious whether or not you will go and see a show.

    As we know that extra shows may pop up and sles start next week, votes can be changed / adjusted any time!

    Let's get to the point. Which shows will you attend in North America in 2021?

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    I’m hoping the Philly show, but have Madison Square Garden as a backup. Hopefully it all works out. Christian, you coming stateside for any of the shows?

    We will try to see a show or two in the UK, so it's a bit unlikely that we'll do North America we well. Was hoping they'll do that next year, that would have been easier for me.

    If I needed to choose, I would be either in New York City or Montreal (as I have good memories of shows there) and Chicago (a friend of mine lives not too far away)

  • I'll be at the Cleveland show. Tempted to get tickets for the Columbus show as well. It's really interesting the band has played two Ohio shows for the last 3-4 tours. That's not bad considering we are only a small population compared to other states they play in twice a tour like California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

  • Toronto. No idea if this will be happening by then. I am fully immunized and my wife will be in another month, so we might be willing to take a risk. It will all depend what the local situation looks like in 6 months, which is a very long time.

  • Going to the MONTREAL BELL CENTRE concert on November 22nd (I wanted to be sure before posting and until I locked my tickets which I did!)

    Hopefully the covid will be further under control by then, and I will have my 2nd shot as well.

    This will be my #12 Genesis concert since 1973 > And then there were 12!

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    have added the extra dates to this poll. You can change or add something to your vote by clicking on the "vote" button below the results image.

  • Hello to all!

    Am new here, and found your forum after reviewing discussions pros and cons of the various Genesis catalog remasterings and remixes ...

    I'm looking forward to seeing these gents in Montreal for their second show (Tuesday 11/23). I logged on at about 5PM yesterday, and the available seats for the Monday show were only on the floor. Tuesday offered seats off the stage corners - close views of the stage but with a bit of elevation. Perfect!

    I'm only two decades younger than the band members, and I hope they all stay healthy leading up to and during their tour. As a note of comparison, the last time I saw anyone related to them was Peter Gabriel - November 1986!

    Am reviewing their commercial live recordings - I'll be curious to see what other gems from their catalog they decide to perform! I'm sure I won't be disappointed (even if more songs have to be taken down a key or two!).

    Also didn't realize until checking articles that Nic Collins will be playing. As a parent of teens myself, this will make the event even more special. Finally, I'll be seeing the concert with a friend from college - from thirty years ago.

    Now, let's just hope that there isn't a huge snowstorm to contend with! As a lifelong Vermonter, though, I'm prepared well-enough!


    - ianbtv

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    Welcome Ian!

    Thanks for sharing your story. Enjoy the music and the forum!

  • Charlotte for sure. I would have picked DC (saw them there is 2007) but Charlotte is closer, and everything else involved is a lot cheaper.

    Of course, if that rumor of a second DC show on the 19th actually happens...