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    PHIL COLLINS - Can't Find My Way
    Year: 1993
    Album: Both Sides
    Working title: ?
    Credits: Collins
    Lyrics: Yes
    Length: 5:09
    Musicians: Phil Collins
    Played Live: 1994
    Cover versions: ?

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    Notes: Of all the Both Sides songs, Can't Find My Way is perhaps the darkest and slowest. All the more surprising that it was even played live, at least at the beginning and later very sporadically on the tour for the album. Of course, the piece found itself in the Black & White part of the set, but still, this is not the usual Collins hitware that knocks the masses off their chairs. On the contrary, as a world star known for his uptempo hits and break-up ballads, you first have to dare to play this song live in front of thousands of fans. Because the song doesn't fall into either category. It shows a Collins that one has not often experienced as sombre and thoughtful before or since..




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  • I haven't heard this in 25 years I'd say, and had forgotten it. It drags a bit but I like the dark edge to the atmosphere, the vocal harmonies and the noodly instrumental bits that follow the choruses. Drums are very good of course. 12.

  • This album aside from maybe 2 songs is a mess.

    Phil at his highest ego point, decided to write and play every instrument on it and it lacks any real soul.

    This is where I gave up on Phils Solo career.

    Upto But seriously, he was on point.

    Gave this song a generous 3

  • I haven't heard this in 25 years I'd say, and had forgotten it.

    I'd forgotten it too. This thread prompted a re-listen. It's good, like you I like the overall feel of it.

    The rhythm track reminds me of something else, it's niggling me but I can't think what it is.

    Abandon all reason

  • Somewhat ironically, I think it's a song that would be better suited to We Can't Dance - and better than quite a few on that album.

    I like the sound of his voice here, I like the rhythm but overall it doesn't quite get where it's going. Perhaps he can't find his way. ^^


  • I really like this song. But, as for some other tunes on Both Sides, I can't stop thinking how much better it would have turned out if he decided to have a few session musicians around during the recording sessions. It would have improved the arrangement. This song CALLS for Leland or Nathan to add some great bass lines, or Daryl to add a nice atmospheric solo.

    Would have loved to hear how this song would have sounded in a live scenario to get the idea.


  • Phil basically quit Genesis for this album

    Kinda shows where he was at in this period of his life.

    He was annoyed he had to stop writing Both Sides to do the Charity Show in 1993 in a break period from Genesis and felt he was more a clown at this point in the band.

    Tony Smith, should have knocked some sense into him.

  • I'd forgotten it too. This thread prompted a re-listen. It's good, like you I like the overall feel of it.

    The rhythm track reminds me of something else, it's niggling me but I can't think what it is.

    It reminds me a bit of I Don't Care Anymore. Or maybe Thru These Walls, but I think it's the first one. Relistening to the parent track from this thread again now, really quite enjoyable. Strikes the right amount of sincerity without going too cheesy, and has moderately exotic instrumentation to add interest.

  • Both Sides .... I thought it was a good album years ago, but then I lost my enthusiasm a bit. This track is a good one, 11 from me. But it doesn't reach the heights of "But seriously" or earlier albums. I appreciate it is a personal album, but I cannot connect to this one, especially after all those years since its release. Perhaps it's simply a child of its time ...?

    some are wise ... and some otherwise

  • Nice song, well arranged and produced and reminded me of Gabriel in many ways. The percussion is reminiscent of something, I think it’s similar to a little riff Phil and Chester used as part of one of their drum duets slowed down a little. A reminder of just what a good voice he had.