TotW 01/01/2024 - 01/07/2024: MIKE + THE MECHANICS - Why Me?

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    Year: 1988
    Album: Living Years
    Working title: ?
    Credits: Robertson/Rutherford
    Lyrics: Yes
    Length: 6:26
    Musicians: Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack, Peter van Hooke
    Played live: 1989
    Cover versions:

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    Notes: Why Me? - it was the last song on the successful album Living Years and at the same time it became a Mechanic highlight for many, perhaps also because it has those anthemic traits that we know from some Genesis songs?.




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  • I had a tongue-in-cheek go about this album on another thread and this song is a prime example of what I was on about. It could be the mystery ingredient in a deep pan four cheese pizza, it's so dripping with fromage. Guitars, umm, are there any?! Mountains of 80s keyboards under an avalanche of cliched lyrics. And why oh why would you have a soul singer fronting up this 'rock' track?

    It's wrong on so many levels. Sorry Mr Rutherford, but I've never understood why someone capable of producing some incredibly strong material can really plunge the depths as well.

    Mr Babbage says no.

    Needless to add, IMHO of course. Each to their own, comme ci comme ca and all that.

  • I have got this album somewhere, but it must have been a while since I listened to it as I only vaguely remember this. I quite enjoyed it, more than a lot of M&TM songs. It actually reminds me quite strongly of some of Tony's solo work. 10 points, some marks deducted for overall cheesiness