GENESIS - UK/Ireland Tour 2020 rescheduled for FALL 2021

  • Looks and sounds great. They have a very vibrant sound, don't know if that's just the production, being out of the saddle so long and being reinvigorated, or having young blood on stage to spice things up. Would LOVE to see one of these shows so much, and I can only hope it comes to pass in the way they plan.

    The visuals look terrific too, more exciting and dynamic than any other tour based on the videos of them I've seen. Wouldn't mind backing singers at all, it would be very interesting to see how they would use them to augment the sound, as it's not something I think they've done before.


  • I think that looks more like percussion stuff behind the backing singers. Maybe to be used when not singing on various songs. I cant see how that could all be brought forward easily either.

    Could be wrong but I really cant see Phil playing on this tour.

    I know there was a photo released of early rehearsals in just in a room with a small drum kit next to Phil. But I've always thought that was probably just for Phil to demonstrate parts for Nick. You cant learn everything Phil plays from listening or watching DVD's. Believe me I've tried!

  • Message from SH Twitter...not sure how this would work, as unlikely to be able to change nights as both sold out?

    Re concerns that my Manchester O2 Apollo Sep 24th show conflicts with the Genesis show, contact the ticket outlet where you bought your Genesis ticket(s). I’ve been told that as there are two Genesis shows (24th & 25th), fans will be able to attend both events. See you then!

  • Regarding the backing singers and Phil singing while seated, maybe I just hang out in the wrong Genesis related facebook groups....Paperlate is now long gone too. But a lot of people have been really upset by the backing singers.

    I tend to see it thus.....

    "I really wish they'd do something different this time. Do something different with the songs"

    Genesis introduces backing singers

    "No not that!"

    Clearly they've decided to try something new. We don't know which songs the backing singers will be on, nor what exactly they'll be singing but it's pretty standard for bands at this stage of their career. Perhaps rather than trot out a greatest hits live package, we're going to get something genuinely a bit different. I'm sure Invisible Touch and other essential hits will be in there but perhaps presented a little differently....and maybe we'll get one or two genuine surprises. Last time out Ripples was wonderful. If we get more than 30 seconds of something from Trespass, a lot of people would be happy. If we get any 1970-78 song which hasn't been performed in 40+ years that would be fantastic.

    The teaser has certainly done it's job of getting people talking.

  • Don't see any reason why they shouldn't have extra singers. Let's see how that sounds and then discuss whether or not this is any good ...

    More importantly, I think it's really optimistic to think that indoor shows are possible by September. I hope they will happen of course!

  • Agreed. I have every confidence that Genesis will always put on a cracking show and Phil has been the utmost professional in terms of value for money with live shows. They have to take account of the passing of time, Blue Girls and all that, and that’s probably why we are getting backing singers. It may not be just Phil’s voice that is suffering with the ageing process, it could be Mike, Tony and Darryl as well. I agree with others that we need a few new/rare tracks in this time and I think we will get one or two.

    I’m not at all sure it will be in 2021 however, but we have to be optimistic I suppose. I think if they do move them again to, say, April 2022, they should make that the last move and refund if they get postponed. If they are serious about September/October I guess we might see some ‘product’ released or re-released as suggested in other threads as Spring develops.

  • The right and only call with April so close. Incredibly exciting to see some rehearsal footage too.

    Sad to see Phil sat down as well as there only being one drumkit.

    Who else spotted Mike's double-headed Rickenbacker?

    Yes it was about time that Genesis / the promoter called it. We may even see those Sept/Oct dates change again.

    Phil has been sat down since his return to live performances, in 2017.

    It was not Mike's double necked Rickenbacker, but his Yamaha Bass / Gibson double necked guitar from the 2007 tour.


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  • I'm prepare to wait and see about the backing singers.

    It's not like they're ever had great backing vocals in the Phil era - Mike and Tony are some way from great vocalists!

    Which is a shame in a way as a lot of their stuff has lovely layered vocals, so let's see (hopefully...)

  • Well here in the Republic Of Ireland it's a bloody mess and we're so far behind in our Vaccination programme and there's talks of having heavy restrictions for the rest of 2021 into 2022. Which means no mass gatherings and travel bands

    The Dublin dates could more then likely be cancelled and the tour will start in Belfast then the UK.

  • I'd love to see professionally filmed rehearsals. I'd prefer to go to a concert of course.

    Not sure about the prospects for 2021. They won't have much data on how long immunity lasts beyond 6 months at that point. When you consider the number of people attending a whole tour and the rules and circumstances in different jurisdictions it could become very complicated.

  • Looking good for you all in the UK regarding Mass Gatherings been allowed later in the year

    Not so good in Ireland and its very possible the Dublin shows will be cancelled. Very cautious approach by the government and health officials.

    Let's hope things improve and I'll be heading to Dublin for the show on the 15th September

  • I'd love to see professionally filmed rehearsals. I'd prefer to go to a concert of course.

    Not sure about the prospects for 2021. They won't have much data on how long immunity lasts beyond 6 months at that point. When you consider the number of people attending a whole tour and the rules and circumstances in different jurisdictions it could become very complicated.

    Here is a situation where lay-people have misunderstood headlines.

    There is absolutely no reason to believe immunity won't last. The immune response to the novel coronavirus, as observed thus far, acts just like other coronaviruses about which we know including the SARS-1 from 17 years ago. Patients who gained immunity from that virus either by vaccine or surviving the virus still show great immunity 17 years on.

    When a scientist examines samples from people who had covid 6 months ago and finds great immunity, as a scientist all they can say is "we can report immunity after six months".

    There's a lot of misunderstanding about antibodies declining too. That's perfectly normal and to be expected. THe human immune response has (at least) two stages/lines of defence. In the months after an infection or vaccine, the body creates antibodies which swim around the body in the blood cells waiting for a new encounter with the virus. After some months the concentration of antibodies reduces and the T-cells retain something one might say is akin to a "memory" within the bone marrow...the body remembers how to make more antibodies should it need to months or years even decades later.

    The scientists studying this virus and our immune response cannot say for sure "immunity will last for years" because the first cases were not much more than a year ago. 16 years ago they said the same about SARS-1.

    No scientist worth his or her certificates is going to actually say that, because that's not how scientists communicate their findings. But a paper is published "SARS-COVID-2 immunity lasts at least six months" and some news outlets try to spread panic, spinning that to "Covid immunity may only last 6 months, top boffins say! Panic! Disaster! Buy more bog rolls!"

    BTW...the above info was paraphrased from the chap who discovered the covid antibodies and from a good friend of mine involved in medical research over 25 years.

  • Ok.

    All I said was "they won't have much data". Because.... They won't have much data. The comparison to the 2003 SARS is nonsense, because there were a comparatively tiny number of cases very much limiting the virus' ability to mutate.

    I haven't made any claim like your sensationalist headlines. I expect immunity to the prevailing variant will endure, but it is not as certain as you describe. Mini outbreaks will continue for years or indefinitely due to a combination of unimmunized pockets and new variants, meaning likely an annual shot like the flu jab. Ultimately it is still a new virus, and we don't understand it that well. Half the manifestations are still beyond us. There's plenty of reason for optimism but my original, very simply stated point, stands.