Your favorite tracks on ... "UP"

  • UP - what are your three favorite tracks? 35

    1. Signal To Noise (17) 49%
    2. Sky Blue (16) 46%
    3. I Grieve (15) 43%
    4. Growing Up (13) 37%
    5. Darkness (12) 34%
    6. More Than This (10) 29%
    7. No Way Out (6) 17%
    8. The Barry Williams Show (6) 17%
    9. My Head Sounds Like That (4) 11%
    10. The Drop (2) 6%

    Following the albums poll about Phil Collins and Genesis, we'd like to start the favorite tracks poll also for PETER GABRIEL.

    This one is about his album UP, released in September 2002.

    So far available:

    Rated PG

    Scratch My Back

  • Ooh, very tough for me to pick 3. I almost chose the same 3 as the first person who voted, but went with I Grieve instead of Darkness.

    I love this album, it's so richly textured and even. It's my favorite PG album.

  • That’s Sky Blue, I grieve and ... Barry Williams show.

    I know BWS ja not that popular but I always liked that track. :)

    I think the video for BWS gives it a bad rap, (it is kind of a bad video), but Gabriel always had a flair for the weird and creepy, which I love about his music.

  • This was actually pretty hard. I went with Sky Blue, Signal to Noise, and I Grieve. Though I'll say I like the film soundtrack version of I Grieve better than the album version myself.

    The first 5 songs on this album are brilliantly placed one after the other, I could have picked any of them really. And Signal To Noise gets better every time I hear it, even 20 years later.

  • My top 3 are the top 3 after 10 votes. Sky Blue, I Grieve and Signal to Noise. Phenomenal tunes. But, looking down the list to the bottom, they're all great - and no song has zero votes.

  • Tough one for me this one. As a PG nut from about about 82 onwards, this is the first album of his that disappointed me on some level.

    I don't think it's a bad album by any means, how could it be. But I don't play it much, and that tells me something.


    My Head

    Barry Williams

  • For me, Burn You Up Burn You Down is missing on UP

    It was part of the first promo CD and that fitted well. It was a mistake to save it for a later release

    I agree. It would have been my second-favourite song (after I Grieve) and would have made Up an even more powerful album.

    If I had to pull a song to make it fit, I could have gone without Barry Williams.

  • Sky Blue, for me, has always been the inferior version of the instrumental track Cloudless (I think that's what it was called) from Long Walk Home / Rabbit Proof Fence.